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And when the ass has expanded began to fuck.
And it was nice.
It is nice and the idea that fucking someone who still do not know.
– “You’re also a whore, how did I hear the conversation?” said the peasant from behind.
– “Yes whore.
I was called a whore, bitch, slut.
“-” Do you know that there are four of us, there were in the park.
And then there are two, by the way active.
They are not far.
You want and they will have you.
“And I, either with a drunk, or with a fool replied: -” I’m a bitch.
You can all have me.
And I’ll be sucking all of you.
“He rang the cell phone and called the others.
He said that he had found a whore and this whore, that I, would satisfy everyone.
– “In the meantime, I’ll fuck Vadim, you bitch come up to that bench on the track, knocking a member on the back and wait for the others.
” – that’s exactly what I did.
Naked, with a standing member went to the track, went to the bench and began to hit the member

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on the board.
But he did not restrain himself and began to masturbate.
Two more men appeared, I turned in their direction and started to jerk off stronger.
And finished.
We have already returned three.
One of them told me to bend down, took off the belt and began to whip on the ass.
I said it hurt.
He unbuttoned his fly and I sucked his dick, then Vadim got up next to us and they started fucking us.
Fucked by turns
Sometimes finished inside.
I already regretted agreeing to this.
But alcohol and arousal did their job and I gave up with pleasure, although it was often painful.

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I was ordered and I performed.
We went to the track and fucked me there.
I was not even shy and was not afraid that although it was night, some of the passers-by would see it.
So it happened.
Passed the order of the couple.
Man and woman.
40-50 years old.
They froze at the sight and watched as the guy fucked me in the ass.
They laughed and even cheered: – “Come on, stick it in more!” – the man finished in me and ordered me to jerk off.
I took my dick and in front of everyone began to quickly otdrachivat.
Cum flew out.
The couple laughed again and went on.
We are done too.
Besides, it was already dawn.
Have said goodbye.
But I did not exchange coordinates.

With a sore head and aching ass, completely broken, although I was glad I came home.
I took a bath and went to bed.
Here I had the first experience of dating with anal sex.
And often I think – in what happened, like a porn film.
Only ass a week sick.
Somewhere after a week of such meetings, passing by that station-shki, gradually looking at the workers there, I saw that one of the guys, looking at my place in the car, was already making a characteristic hand gesture at his face, pressing his cheek with his tongue.
I have already heard bawdy jokes and friendly laughter.
But it gave spice, but I did not finish and drove all this accumulated desire to go home.
Wet underpants and bawdy fantasies accompanied me almost the entire afternoon and evening.
The roof was blown away from an oversupply of hormones, to such an extent that once epilating hair on the legs and in all intimate places.
But the constant hunger coming from the ass and a member, did not give me rest.
And Nasar never gave me sex from behind.
Masturbating, not jerking off, but in order to completely discharge and give it all, I need anal sex and something else.
Madness continued.
Wife night I was arranging hot nights of oral sex.
Licked, sucked the clitoris, brought it to white heat, then quickly fucked on a slippery, absorbed vagina.
And in my head pictures came up from the evening pososushki. Live sex v.

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