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The girls clearly enjoyed my virginity, savoring the established fact: “Us, bl.
mi commanded a virgin! This is n.
u some! I also taught that it is possible, which is impossible, but even with x.
it is not familiar! Yes, at least they kissed her? ”They shouted:“ Fuck! In the city, they will know, then they will flow and climb.
Th! ”The girls obviously didn’t want their friends and girlfriends to think later that they“ went under the hood ”.
“What are we going to do?” Natasha asked everyone in a drunken voice: “If my girls find out that I have been on duty in the kitchen for a week, they will write me down!” “Aha! And me! They will say that what a cool person I am if I couldn’t break off the hype in the camp! ”Echoed Irina.
Nastya, who apparently wanted to continue sexually, suddenly suggested: “Let’s fuck her! And all will be well! Moreover, she does not mind! ”
I was, of course, against, and I twitched my body, but the movements were such as if I agreed.
The girls laughed and began to decide how to perform this procedure.
“It is necessary for her to drive the bottle neck there!” Suggested Natasha: “I was so torn off.
Kolka still could not enter, took out a bottle, put me on cancer and stuck it! It was the only way to break, almost immediately the whole bottle entered! Hurt was n
c! But then kayfovo! “” And I was printed out with my fingers, Seryozhka immediately said that he would break with his finger, so that I did not suffer, first I stuck it, and then I would stick my whole hand, and even twist it there, I thought I would die, “Irina confirmed.

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“So what ?! Bottle out, pi

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yes flowing and ready! Who will interpose? ”- asked Lena.
“We need to finish the cognac first!” Said Nastya: “And then I’m already stuffing the muzhik to this virginity!” The girls took turns to finish the cognac, coughing and snorting.
I looked at the defloration weapon that was being prepared for me and wept.
I was not afraid of pain at all, I was morally ready for it for a long time, I was oppressed by the realization that my tselochka would be torn off not during the act of love, but like that, shamefully, with a bottle in the hands of a drunken lesbian.
I addressed prayers and requests to all the gods and wanted only one person to come here and save me from dishonor.
As if hearing my prayers and requests, in the corridor someone’s voices and footsteps were heard.
Girls, scared, quickly.
they covered me with a sheet from another bed, hid a bottle of brandy and sat around me, pretending to knit knots, leaving a gag in my mouth.
From the corridor we heard more distinct male voices, and I and the girls recognized the voices of our boys in them.
Apparently football was over, and the guys returned to their room to rest.
The girls already wanted to relax and continue the procedure of my printing, when, suddenly, from the boys’ room, there was a loud cry: “S.
ka! Who pulled the bag out ?! Is that a Stukalka again? ”Some movement began in the boys’ room, which then began to move in our direction.
The door of the women’s room opened and Seryoz, leaning out in the doorway, asked: “Baba, and who took the bag with our supplies? Stukalka? ”The girls laughed out loud, and without explaining anything, just showed me, lying on the bed, tied, and gagged.
I saw how Sergei’s eyes widened, and he immediately shouted into the corridor: “Guys! Get down here! See what the girls with Stukalka have done! ”In the corridor, quick steps were heard and our guys, Vlad, Nikita, Oleg, Sashka and Roman, followed Sergei into the room. Live sex indian video.

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