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That was Mr. Davidson, our swimming coach.
No, Eugene, this is not Tom – he smiled – but, I saw what you dove in the shower, I’ll have to tell my parents about everything Eugene! No, Mr. Davidson! Only not this! I beg you, do not tell anyone! It is my duty as a teacher to a guy, these are school rules – the trainer sternly said without removing his hand from my butt and I realized that in fact he wants the same thing from me as Peter, he is just trying to get this blackmail.
But Mr. Davidson, maybe I can convince you not to do it – I cooed and put my hand on his bulging fly – I think you will like my reasons! With these words, I unbuttoned my pants on the trainer’s pants and pulled out a stake-sized long member standing by a stake.
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kneeling sucked him to its full length.
Yes baby! Yes! – the coach moaned – your arguments are irresistible! After about five minutes of my active work on the coaching spear, he took out his unit from my mouth and told me to get cancer on the bench, which I did.
He himself fell in behind me and smeared a point with some kind of lubricant, the tube of which I removed from my pants.
Get ready, Eugene, now you will try daddy dick! – with these words, he pressed on the anus ring and slowly inserted the head, I gasped and this sound aroused him even more since after that he introduced all his penis into me with one push! I gasped even harder, and Mr. Davidson began to rock.
Standing cancer on a narrow bench and taking in his passionate and impatient shocks, I was wildly excited, prostate massage gave me an unheard of pleasure, as well as the feeling of a submissive bitch who substitutes ass for his dog on demand.
At that moment I loved the coach, I wanted to give him pleasure, I wanted him to fuck me without stopping for as long as possible.

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Without noticing myself, I began to move him towards the meeting, sitting deeper on his penis.
The dressing room was filled with the sounds of moans and slaps issued by two copulating bodies, but for a long time such fierce pressure could not continue even after ten minutes of such fucking, the trainer suddenly sped up and began to irall me at a very furious speed, his cock hardened even more and I suddenly finished it, my cock shot a jet of sperm right on the bench.
The contractions of my right intestine stimulated my fucker and he began to cum right into me with a roar, pouring at least three servings of sperm into my insides.
Having made a few more shocks, he stopped and holding for some time his falling member in me came out of my ass.
I groaned up from the bench and turning to the coach asked: Well? I was convincing enough Mr. Davidson? Call me Dave when we’re alone and you were damn convincing! I think we will find you a program of individual lessons, a couple of times a week, do you mind? What are you, with pleasure Dave – I smiled lustfully.
Marinka came here from the monastery.
After a small cell, a huge two-storey house with a wide veranda encircling the entire first floor seemed to her after her little cell just a palace.
Good-natured and slightly ironic neighbors sent her to a monastic shelter after the death of her parents, when Marinka was only three years old.
Since then, she was brought up there, in the cloister closed from prying eyes, only by Mother Superior and several elderly priests.
Probably she would have remained there, growing up and maturing within the four walls, would have devoted her entire reclusive life to service, especially since her temper was calm and obedient, requiring nothing but what she had.
But fate decided otherwise.
One day, a middle-aged man came to her, in years he was already a cheerful, bearded man and introduced himself as the brother of her deceased father.
Marina was surprised at heart.
She was 15 years old, but so far she has not heard a word about her relatives.
Not to say that she was interested in them.
Rather, it was even easier for her to believe that she was alone in the whole wide world than in the fact that she, it turns out, had many relatives from her father’s side.
Uncle Oleg expressed a desire to take her out of the monastery.
As soon as he found out only about the orphan, his heart was eager to take her from there and raise her, as his own, the daughter of his beloved brother. Live sex chat websites.

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