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and the chick at this time came up and began to help suck this guy.
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And at this time we realized that they would soon have a rest and we could get caught and slowly dumped from there we rushed home to the chum that nobody had at home.
We went to him and started talking about what we had seen, and quite excited about the offer to try sucking each other in turns so that even if one sucks it nasty, so that the first one who sucks anyway sucks.
in short, we undressed and started jerking each other off (and we were sitting on the couch) and when our members were already quite excited, they decided that it was

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and my chum (let’s call him just Yura.
) bent down to the penis and took it in his mouth and sucked it several times and I felt such a fucking feeling that I could not say anything.
to the question how can I say nothing except that it is fucking and then I.
I said that I promised and should also suck and I bent down and felt some kind of salty smell and at the same time it was very pleasant (it sometimes smelled of my dick when I took it out to jerk off 🙂 it was in full tension and waited for me to take a member in his mouth and then I closed my eyes and bent down and licked it and then immediately swallowed it for the whole (or almost) length, and Yura at that time just shivered from the buzz and at that time I liked how he behaves and how his mouth feels.
After I nodded several times, I asked how it was and Yu said it was very nice and wanted more, but I suggested that we take it in turns.
And we sucked for several minutes with a jack and got great pleasure from each other from the members, but we didn’t finish it in our mouths, as long as we didn’t have semen, only small droplets appeared.
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