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I almost ran to the house, I immediately rushed to the toilet and pulled off my pants along with shorts and engaged in such a familiar affair.
I finished just a couple of movements, wiping my smudges from the wall with toilet paper, I was finally able to calm down a bit.
I finished this evening two more times, and the next time I almost got caught.
My thirteen-year-old sister entered my room without knocking, and I barely managed to remove my hand from my penis.
I didn’t manage to pull panties, but just threw a sheet on top of me, which betrayed me with my riser.
Rita rummaged on the bookshelf, and selecting a book, also silently left the room, giving last look at the tents of my sheets.
Recently, I began to notice that my sister began to come to me often without knocking, trying to guess those moments when I change clothes or get ready for bed (read dram).
One day, when I didn’t completely shut the latch in the bathtub, she went in there when I stood naked in the shower.
Not at all embarrassed, she apologized without any regret in her voice and looked at me from head to toe.
The third lesson lasted only an hour, after

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which the physical athlete sent everyone home, leaving only me and one other junior grade student in the hall.
Having sent him to clean up the dressing room, Pushkin offered to show me some exercises with which I could quickly improve my physical fitness.
During these exercises, he often came up close behind me, and sometimes I could even feel his standing member.
Helping me on the horizontal bar, he supported me with his right hand, running his thumb into the hollow between my buttocks, and his index finger, massaging me right under the scrotum.
From these movements, I almost finished right in panties, without even touching my member.

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Forty minutes later, when my dick was about to explode, he let me go home.
I waited for him in the shower for almost fifteen minutes, but he never showed up.
Returning to the locker room, I quickly got dressed and without meeting the second student, went home.
At home, before my sister’s arrival, I managed to complete my homework and finish twice.
At the last lesson, we had to pass tests, and in time for the long jumps I strongly pulled the muscle of the right thigh.
Leaving the rest of the students to play basketball, Alexander Sergeevich helped me get to the locker room.
There was no doctor in the first-aid post that day, all the same there was a vacation, so he himself suggested rubbing my muscle.
Without hesitation, I agreed.
The athlete asked me to pull off the leotard and when I saw that under them were long family underpants, he offered to take them off too, arguing that they would interfere.
Blushing terribly, and with a fast beating heart, I pulled my underpants down to my ankles.
Alexander Sergeevich put me on a bench and said that I leaned back on the wall and relax.
From his first touch on my knee, I shuddered, but then stopped.
The hands of the teacher were warm and surprisingly soft.
He began to rub my thigh, gradually rising higher and higher to his groin.
The cramp released me in the hall, but I was silent about it, trying to get as many new sensations as possible.
Soon rubbing began to be more and more like stroking.
Several times the back of his hand touched my scrotum and penis head, to which I quickly responded with a strong erection.
Another minute, and I felt that his touch to my genitals are becoming more and more insistent.
When he completely wrapped his arm around my dick, I just cried out loudly and immediately bit my lip.
Seeing that I did not hinder him, after a couple of movements, Alexander Sergeevich replaced his fist with his mouth, into which I finished fifteen seconds later.
Without saying a word to me, and trying not to look up, he came out of the locker room.
Our relationship with him lasted about two months.
Mostly we had oral sex.
A couple of times he tried to enter me from behind, but his cock was still great for me, and he had to be content with only two fingers in my anus.
Over the next year, I changed seven partners.
Most of them were teenagers like me, eager for sex, but too timid to find a girl for this.
I also managed to fuck with one of my father’s friends several times.
His penis was very thin, and with penetration, even despite the length, I did not experience pain, but only pleasure. Lantana camara classification.

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