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Yes, answered Alina.
Ruslan suddenly stopped and pulled the device from the teacher.
The teacher rose from the table and saw that she was being filmed again.
– Sergei! What for? One more? – asked, but not so worried.
– What’s the difference? One go two! – answered Sergey.
Sergey approached Alina and tilted her with cancer and holding her white hair, pulled out her huge member and quickly, half of us entered Alina’s wet, not really squandered pussy, Ruslan came up to the girl’s face and put her member in the throat.
Ruslan fucked the girl hard and fast in her mouth.
After 10 minutes, Sergey finished the girl and went to sit on a chair to

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ru) Ruslan, too, was ready to cum and a member of the mouth stretched out of Alina’s mouth had finished on her face.
First put the girl on the table and also sat down to smoke.
The girl was lying and breathing deeply with a croaked face.
With her broken-up after Sergeyeva big dick pussy flowed on the table sperm.
– That’s not all! – said Sergey.
Now we will continue! Ruslan laid the girl on his back and quickly entered her, the girl moaned.
She already liked what they were doing to her.
He fucked her like that for about 20 minutes.
Then Alina suggested: – Now I’m on top! – Well, come on, answered Ruslan.
The guy lay on the mat on the floor, the girl sat down on top, brought in his penis and began to move up and down.
– Do you love ass? – Sergey asked.
Ruslan stopped the girl.
– Do I have a choice? – excitedly answered the girl with a smile.
– There is! – with a malicious smile answered Sergey.
– My holes are now at your disposal! Fuck me as you want, only then at me you will delete the record! – answered Alina.
– Okay! – answered the boys.
Sergey approached Alina and sharply lifted the teacher up by the hair.

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He threw a handkerchief in his face, said: – Wipe out! Alina began to wipe drying sperm from her face.
When the girl wiped her face, Sergey dragged the teacher to the table, leaned forward on the table.
Alina rested her elbows, and Gray began to enter the tight-fitting ass.
Alina shouted: – Easy! You are not small! Gray slowly put a member in the ass.
Then began to quietly accelerate.
Alina began to moan – Aaa.
mmm – Like a bitch? Shouted Sergei.
– Yes.
fuck me! – the teacher moaned.
After 10 minutes of fucking Gray stopped and said: – Now we will have you together! Excited Alina Nikolaevna was silent.
After 40 minutes, Sergey finished in a torn pussy, and Ruslan in Alina’s broken-down ass.
Sergey wiped his dick on Alina’s hair and left the classroom, and Ruslan threw the teacher to the floor and also got dressed and left the classroom leaving the door completely open.
Alina was lying on the floor in a bra with one fallen bootie, sperm flowed out from her torn holes, her hair was in sperm, disheveled.
When the guys went home they decided to send the video to everyone! To be continued.
all truth and all names are real.
having seen enough in the Internet photos and videos on the subject of scat and pissing, I wanted to try it myself, I couldn’t offer this to my girlfriend, for her and anal sex was “wild”.
and here once met the girl Natasha on the expert.
word by word, went to the topic of sex.
It turned out that she loves anal sex, knows how to do a “deep” blowjob and the most impressive thing about me was that my question: “do you take a dick in your mouth after ass?” she said: “yes no problem.
“we tried a couple of times to have sex on the ace and I began to try scat entertainment, she played up to me and somehow I asked:“ But in real life would you allow yourself to poke in your mouth? ”“ I think so, ”was her answer.
and I set about trying to fuck Natasha.
we told each other about our previous sex experiences and fantasized about our meeting.
every day I asked what kind of panties she was in and dreamed of how I would take them off her.
and here is an autumn trip to Moscow, on the second day I called her at work and we agreed to meet at the Izmailovo metro station, I lived in a hotel of the same name.
Going to a meeting, I bought Durex condoms with a typewriter on the box, and she promised to take Vaseline for her ass.
(Condoms were not needed, but she forgot petroleum jelly ;-).
) at the meeting the girl turned out to be a pretty black-haired, short-haired, plump, depraved bitch.
😉 we bought a beer at the exit of the subway, but did not manage to hold it in the hotel room. Indonesia sex hidden cam.

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