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No one had the right to touch her without permission and admission.
This brazen use of her body not only scared and frustrated the girl, but also very angry.
After all, for so long she did not allow anyone to even approach her, but here, in her own way, in a businesslike manner, some peasant smoothes her.
He liked to torture Tatiana.
During the time of surveillance and study of her personality, he rated her as a decent and decent girl, and her appearance — her face, figure, gait, image — were magnificent and delightful.

Having been deprived of a long time the opportunity of someone to love the worthy, now He gladly felt that he really liked Tanya.
He smoothed and rubbed the girl’s ass until she turned red and glowed with heat.
The blood rushed to the bottom, activating sensual endings not only on the ass itself, but also below.
Seeing that Tatiana was not going to stop him and steadfastly demolished his sweet torture, the gangster decided to increase the impact and pressed his lips to his ass and began kissing her, licking and stroking.

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Tanya saw on the screen that He, for some reason, sat between her legs and suddenly felt a wet and warm touch on her ass.
She hadn’t been kissed for so long that the ass answered with a whole wave of pleasant sensations, which, backed up by bubbles of champagne, rushed to her head, intoxicating and blowing a sweet mist.
He kissed and caressed her ass, pushing her halves apart, trying to run her tongue deeper to reach the girl’s cave, knowing that such a touch could be decisive.
Tatiana understood that He was trying to take her off balance, make her indignant and demand the cessation of violent caresses, but did not want to make concessions to him.
She decided to hold on as long as her moral and physical strength was enough.
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