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My congratulations.
Especially was good Elaty.
But as always.
– Yes, Elaty is a great fighter and cost me a lot of money.
But I do not regret for a second that I acquired it.
His victories glorified the house of Calpurnia to all of Italy.
But please forgive me.
I got stuck.
Let’s go to the tricliniums (6), there we have the best Falernian wine waiting for us, and there, you gallant Flaccus will tell me about the purpose of our meeting.
Four Romans, accompanied by two strong slaves and two beautiful young slaves, marched to the peristyle (7) and then to one of the three canteens.
There was installed a sigma (8) for six persons, and in the center was a table lined with various treats.
The guests comfortably settled on large soft cushions covered with golden satin.
The slaves poured golden Falernskoe into the silver bowls-Scythians that they served.
Having dedicated the first to Jupiter, the Romans soon drank the second, and after that the conversation began.
We talked about this and that, until finally the legate went over to the main point.

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– Now, regarding the gladiators, dear Vetuvius.
My family, as you know, is famous for its valiant and honorable deeds in the name of the Republic.
And the position of my family obliges to a certain lifestyle.
I thought that it would be nice for my wife and I to have an escort of gladiators who could also be bodyguards.

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Time, you know not calm now.
What do you say? “Well, the idea itself is a good one,” said the lanista with a thoughtful look.
– And as I understand, my gladiators would be suitable for you? “More than that,” nodded Mari Flaccus.
“Of course I will pay well.”
During the next games your people will also participate in battles in the arena.
Well, the dead, of course, will need to be replaced by others.
“And how many gladiators do you want to escort?” – Vetuvius looked inquiringly at the legate first, then at his spouse.
Sylvia and Mari exchanged glances.
Then, he said: – Ten to begin with will be quite enough.
“Well, that’s quite possible,” Vetuvius smiled.
– I agree.
But you probably want to choose these people yourself? “Yes, that would be right,” the legate nodded.
“Twenty gladiators will be brought here soon,” said the lanista, and calling one of the slaves told him to go to Ludus, to find Mentor Girba there and give him an order: to come with the best fighters.
– From among them you will make your choice.
The messenger, was already headed for the exit, as Sylvia, suddenly asked: – Will Elatiy be among them? Her anxiety didn’t hide from Julia’s attentive gaze.
Not for nothing is.
Oh, no accident.
The conversation, to which she listened attentively, became even more interesting for Julia.
– Elaty? Asked Vetuvius, slightly surprised and confused.
– Do you want him to escort? “I think it would not be bad,” replied Mari Flaccus.
– He is an excellent fighter, and the glory he deserves in the arena will raise the prestige of the Flaccus house even higher.
“But Elatius is a special gladiator,” the lanista frowned.
“I don’t even know about him.”
I do not know.
“For him, I’m ready to pay separately,” said the legate.
– So, we agreed? “Regarding the ten others yes, the venerable Flaccus.”
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