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It’s good that we still made it happen for her to do an enema, “he summarized.
Then Vasya opened his fly, pulled out a member and began to masturbate.
“I don’t know about you, Vanya,” he said, “and for me, as soon as she sat down over the bowl, the dick stood up so that the pants almost burst”.
I was ashamed to admit that I have been standing since my grandmother introduced an enema to her sister and squeezed a pear.
Not saying a word, I also stretched my organ and, as if due to solidarity with Vasya, also engaged in masturbation.

We finished almost at the same time, wiped the remnants of sperm from the hands and trousers with grass, Vasya took the bucket and we went back to the apartment building.
So ended this story, which for a long time lay in my memory, and almost every time I remember it, my penis begins to get up and break out of the pants.
By the way, Christina left us a couple of days after this incident.
Apparently, she was ashamed to continue to communicate with us and be in the same company.

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Arriving home, and we live with the mother-in-law, I saw that she was reading a magazine about a healthy lifestyle.
Approaching I asked.
– What is interesting there? She turned out to be nothing interesting and put the magazine on the coffee table.
Went to cook me uzhen.
I took a magazine there they wrote about healthy food, cleansing the intestines, coca I am mura, and what attracted me most of all, they told me how to put on enemas.
Half an hour after I arrived, my wife came.
They, as always, locked themselves in a room leaving me in splendid isolation.
I didn’t get out of my head that very magazine and the story about enema.
After 15 minutes they called me too.
My wife said that her mother was bad and that she had not walked for 4 days already and offered to give her an enema, and at the same time she herself.
How to have sex in gta 5 online.

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