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Look at their litter! What cute puppies! The countess suffered from the dog! ”Damn! Why didn’t they kill him ?! I got rid of his master.
Saw the corpse of one servant.
The second must be dead too.
There was only a fucking dog.
who fucked me.
Not that he could tell anyone.
But anyway.
I can’t just let him go.
Because of him, I recently caught myself thinking about the size of wolf members when I was told about their insolent attacks on villages.
I even thought about werewolves.
No, girlfriend, I’m sorry, but if.
or rather, when I find you, you have to get rid of him.
Maybe give him a goodbye? He’s pretty damn good in bed.
Oh Gods, not again! These assholes will drive me crazy! One infuriates me with its incompetence, and the other climbs out of its skin to.
Does he really hope to earn me a favor?
How could they have thought that I would agree to marry this idiot? Yes, he is a count and damn rich, his dad is powerful.
And most importantly, these old men from the circle of my predecessor are still trying to control me by imposing this parrot – they think that having given birth to his children, I will become a calm mother, and my husband, or rather they will restore the usual order of things and will again be at the helm of the kingdom representatives of the stronger sex.

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I beg you, as banal! Well, to hell with him, let him try – what would the child not amused, just not to interfere.
And it seems that Laura, my maid, laid eyes on him.
Fool climbs so that this womanizer would pay attention to her, and he does not drag her into bed just because he is afraid to compromise himself in my eyes.
As if I do not know that he fucks everything that moves when he does not need to wave his tail in front of me.
At least my girl seems to be in love and it somehow relaxes me.
Funny, I suffer the count because of the maid.
True, he will break her heart, but somehow it will be interesting.
Let the little girl learn life.
She was able to hide in the castle and the demons did not touch her, not bad for a new girl – she began to serve me not so long ago

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. ”
Immersed in her thoughts, the woman listened to a couple of reports, and then began to mentally prepare for the upcoming talks – her troops, with the support of Alliance forces, managed to drop the enemy, and now one of the generals of the army of demons decided to discuss the situation.
“It’s time, personally, I’m interested only to find out where the other commanders of the enemy are – they saw my shame and will pay for it with lives.
I’m sure this bastard will try to blackmail me. ”
Here is the day of departure.
The queen rides in a carriage along with one of her maids, retinue and guard separately.
“Laura just returned from a vacation, which I sent her after all the horrors that took place in the castle, but she didn’t look rested at all.
Even a little bit, the girl returned some tired and restless, she would have to leave her on the way.
However, there was not enough to think about it – I already have enough problems. ”
It was decided to hold negotiations in the castle voluntarily surrendered by demons; they did it on purpose to appease the queen. Hidden gay cam sex.

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