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Ike quickly undressed and flopped to me, spilling at the same time almost half a tub.
By the way, I spoke with the king.
About that edict, what’s his name, Stefanovsky.
The king allowed elves to learn archery in the Borderlands, but only on condition that they would walk unarmed in unlimited lands.
In short, Dani, from tomorrow, from dawn to lunch, train to shoot with my fighters, and after lunch – to help the commandant with the administration of the fort and the lands.
I am busy with patrols, and you, as my official concubine, have the right.
Hey, Dani, no need to drown! What are you mumbling about, what kind of gardens and libraries, this has never happened like this, this is a military fort.
Of course, we must try! The choice was easy to make: the best candidate was Kolya’s best school friend, Denis.
He was a nice boy, and Kolya did not feel the slightest disgust at the thought of having sex with him.
Kolya had no other business on that day, and he went to the house where Denis lived.
However, disappointment awaited him at the very goal: a friend was not at home.
The door was opened by his mother, a pretty woman of 40-43 years old.
Zhanna Nikolaevna was wearing a dressing-gown and slippers on bare feet.
Cute smile, she said that Denis went to the gym and will be only late in the evening.
Kolya was about to leave, as an unexpected thought burned him like a fire.
Surely! He looked at his friend’s mom with new eyes.
Yes, Zhanna Nikolaevna was just beautiful! And in appearance she could not give more than thirty-five.
I wonder what kind of underwear is hidden under her warm fluffy robe ?.
Antennas in Kohl’s hair seemed to move happily by themselves.
A minute later they were in the kitchen.
Zhanna Nikolaevna was sitting on a stool at

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the table, her robe was widely spread on her chest, so that her full, round breasts were completely bare and opened to her gaze.

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The floors of the dressing gown were also spread apart, revealing the bulging pubis of a woman densely overgrown with curly stiff hair.
Narrow black panties, which Kohl himself removed from his victim, lay right there on the floor.
Zhanna Nikolaevna lifted one of her bare, full legs up and laid the kitchen table straight, while Kolya, completely naked, bent over her and eagerly sucked her pretty well-groomed fingers.
With one hand, he held Jeanne Nikolaevna’s leg by the ankle, while with the other he energetically jerked off his incredibly tight member.
He sucked and sucked the fingers of a woman, unable to enjoy their indescribably sweet and at the same time spicy taste.
Finally, having satisfied the first attack of his perverse passion, he got up and approached the motionless woman closely.
Kole was flattered that he, completely nude, with a member sticking out in full force, was standing in front of the mother of her school friend, and this beautiful woman was completely subject to him, ready to carry out any of his mental orders.
After admiring Zhanna Nikolaevna’s pretty face, Kolya slowly introduced a member quivering with tension in her mouth and, holding her head with her hands, began very slowly and gently to fuck her in her mouth.
Kolya’s member slowly and slowly moved in Jeanne Nikolaevna’s plump, sensual lips, not diving deeply.
Kohl groaned loudly.
Indescribable pleasure! Kohl deliberately not in a hurry, prolonging the pleasure.
He loved Zhanna Nikolaevna in her mouth slowly and gently, admiring how his reddened, wet head disappears between the lips of a woman.
Then he carefully extracted the member wet from saliva and very closely stuck to the female face, starting passionately rubbing about it with member and eggs.
Having forced the victim to open his mouth wider, he dipped the whole of his scrotum into it.
That was the last straw.
Kolya groaned loudly and gasped, shuddering with his whole body, and from his sticking out member sticking out plentifully, sperm began pouring in convulsive pushes, flooding Jeanne Nikolayevna’s face.
In the last seconds, Kohl grabbed a member in his fist and began to cruelly nadrachivat it, trying to keep the eggs were still in the mouth of a woman.
Having finished to ejaculate, but still obeying the last outbursts of ecstasy, Kohl took a limp to the female face defiled by his lips and began to shower him with passionate greedy kisses, smearing and licking his own sperm. Gay webcam sex tube.

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