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She still does not really know how to do all this, but she, child, tries! So frankly frankly trying.
To smear it, sweetie, in my brains already would have directly taken a more serious basis! Cho-yo-yoplenkoy: I can even say hot already already right this moisture of her dearest to pussy-madness I put in a girl who has dispersed on me straight into my brain !!! Imagine living to a girlfriend, to all-all precisely, scorching as much right so tender that she has, my unbearable sweet, at my feet between them – and right into my own concrete, inflamed by her tenderness brains !!! I just don’t understand how I could leave this babe alone there, in the very, very far corner, in a cafe there, at a table.
Well, if they are at this age already itch to love! It will not love you now, it means it will be, bastard, fuck somewhere there with another boy already.
Fuck-a-ha-ad: Fuck you! I will not give it to you again anymore !!! Everything! Score something !!! Clear?! She is mine!!! Don’t even bother.
Sew it all on: Yes, yes, understood correctly.
Go there and go.
Only small steps are even bigger.
Aha-a: This is how it will go: This is Genia, understand yourself, she is already mine, that’s all! What do you mean, few other girls? Over which you could mock? Already with her clean eyes, a tear will never fall.
The hotel in which I have been working for some time is located on Rue Fran Bourgeois, in the quarter called Mare.
This word may seem beautiful to you, but to the locals it just sounds like “swamp”.
True, I’m not at all local, so this name does not bother me at all.

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Our hotel, called “Andro”, stands out very strongly here: the building is very modern, looks like a monolithic mirror tower (strong contrast with

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the houses of the old quarter), and there are as many as 20 floors in it.
True, our guests, and some of the staff, are confident that 19.
I myself don’t really like the appearance of the building – it’s just that the glass cylinder rests on the sky like a phallic symbol (something at this work pulls me more and more into vulgarity).
But it is not scary, because inside the atmosphere is simply luxurious, on different floors different styles dominate, on which the best designers of Europe have worked, here are gothic, rococo, baroque, and the empire style, and modern and.
Oh, again brought me.
The years in the architectural, when I still lived in St. Petersburg, before that strange case happened in my life, have an effect.
In general, the beauty of the finish is another reason why I adore the “native” hotel.
I especially like the bathroom in which I am now.
Describing it in simple terms, I would say that this is a completely modern combined restroom, finished in soft pink “girlish” style, quite spacious, even despite a couple of large, but very comfortable, pier glass.
One belonged to me, and the second to Julia, my neighbor, and.
“Why are you speaking french to me?” Or the only person who can speak with me in Russian, decided to deprive me of this pleasure? “I’m practicing, Anya, and I advise you to do the same thing, because you speak extremely slowly,” Julia blurred in a self-satisfied sweet grin.
Her mood was clearly elevated, which means the walk with which she had just returned, went well.
Friendly patting me on the cheek, she began to undress, took off her blouse, got out of the skirt, remained in her bra and panties, which were surprisingly clean and their contents looked.
Sorry I could not say the same about myself.
oh her perfume
“It’s not me who is slowly talking, but they are fast,” she was offended, because their taratorks are difficult to keep track of.
She feels good, she still had French in school, and I only recently had to begin to adapt.
– Do not worry, soon you will talk to me like a real French girl, – Julia giggled.
– By the way.
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