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He was in his repertoire, began to make excuses, pick up beautiful words, showered with complements, asked for forgiveness.
Like, I’m sorry everything should be wrong, it should have happened at our wedding, but we will fix this error in the near future.
But no one knew when this future would come.
Lera believed once again, and melted like a piece of ice.
The vagina relaxed, moistened, the legs parted wider, and now the member slid like clockwork.
Heavy eggs with force hit on the pope, it began

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to wind up the girl, and she began to make counter movements in time.
The walls of the vagina, like thousands of tongues, licked the bare part of the penis, this made Sergei feel uneasy, he felt the approach of the junction.
Not wanting to burden himself, he pulled his winner out of the bosom, and poured all the seed on the pubis of the girl, as if to show his superiority.
With the words: “Well done! Masterful!” he got up and went to the bath.
Lera, having thought it over, thought: “It is not yet known which of us is a master and who succeeded better.”
Now she was completely sure that she didn’t need to say anything about the first connection.
Everything was decided by itself.
She got up, rolled up the sheets and went into the bath after hearing that Sergei slammed the door.
They silently walked past each other with their heads bowed.
Lera stood in the shower and washed off the traces of this night.
Some kind of transparent white mucus huddled in the dense thickets of the pubis, and did not want to wash off.
She stuck to him just as her master stuck to the girl.
Lera looked around, but did not see the object resembling a scraper.
Then she ran her finger over the pubis, lifted him closer to his face and began to look.
The smell and the look of the sperm began to turn her inside out.

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Leroux vomited.
She felt disgust at the seed and its owner, and again remembered the words of her grandmother: “This is not the person with whom you can share the marriage bed.”
These words Lera remember more than once.
And now she lay down on the sofa, wearing a nightie and a bathrobe, and turned her back on Sergei.
She had to sleep, tomorrow is the second wedding day, or rather today.
The pain in the lower abdomen and in the perineum did not allow her to fall asleep, but most of all she was tormented by emotional pain: “She didn’t know what to do with Sergei”
It was a great warm day.
Tap dance with Nastya slowly walked through the park.
Spring was already in full swing, birds were singing, trees were blooming, hormones were boiling.
So they walked through the park and chatted on various topics of a sexual nature.
So they wandered into the far edge of the park, there stood a brand new toilet.
Passing by him, Stepa told Nastya that in the extreme cabin of the men’s room there is a large hole in the extreme cabin of the female.
Nastya amused this story and they went for a walk on.
After walking for another hour and after discussing the topic of sex in public places, they again went out to the snow-white toilet.
Stepa said that he wanted to go to the toilet and asked Nastya to wait.
As soon as he left Nastya decided to check the story about the hole.
Going to the toilet, she first appreciated its cleanliness and for only ten rubles, the truth was the light was very dim.
Going into the last booth, she saw a brand new toilet and a hole in the wall.
Nastya lowered the lid and sat down on the toilet as on a chair.
She looked into the hole when suddenly someone entered the cabin.
Nastya thought it was Stepa and quietly called him.
But instead of answering in the hole climbed dick.
Nastya remembered the topic about which they were talking and understood that Stepa wants to fool around.
She began to kiss the cock and he began to rise.
Soon he was fully grown, and Nastya was sucking him with might and main.
After a couple of minutes of a blow job, Nastya decided that she should enjoy herself too.
She got up, lifted her skirt, lowered her panties and planted a wet pussy on the dick.
Starting to move it began to seem that the member is a little more, apparently from the ticklishness of the situation, he was excited more than ever.
After five minutes of such unusual sex Nastya felt that the member was very tense.
Realizing that he was now finished, she bullet stuck him out of her pussy and took it in her mouth. Free online play sex video.

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