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Looking around, I saw an angry nurse looking at me.
Nothing left to do, I went inside.
Fortunately for me, there was only one patient in the ward.
In a hospital twilight in a high hospital orthopedic bed, like Vadik’s, a man of thirty-five peacefully snuffled.
I took a step forward.
– I did not recognize my voice.
– Wake up.
Slipping a little bit asleep, I repeated my request.
The man started, loudly turned over on his back and opened his eyes.
A few seconds passed in silence.
It’s nice when such a sweet girl wakes me up at night, ”said the man with a soft baritone.
– What is required? I have to shave you, ”I blurted out, and tried to smile.
– There.
Do you always come to shave “there” in such a robe? I buttoned one button.
Not always.
Just do not be offended, okay?

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Well, get started.
The man readily threw off the blanket, bent over lying, took off his pajama pants, and then the pants.
I put the bath on the bedside table, took the razor in my hand and looked at the place where I had to shave.
Everything has been shaved before me.
I raised my dick and looked him over carefully from all sides.
He was carefully shaved, his testicles, too, his crotch glistened in the dim night-light.
I had to shave my groin before the operation, but instead, half-dressed, I stood in the dark and held an unfamiliar man by the dick, and the second hand machine.
The situation was stupid, in fact, like everything I did today.
Just put the razor, – the man asked in a whisper.
And I laid.
Not letting go of the penis.
Now my position has become even more foolish.

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A man cupped my fingers on the trunk.
And I ran my hand up and down.
I do not know why.
Past excitement quickly returned.
It was nice to see the baritone wrung writhing under my arm.
The erection was awesome.
There was a little moisture.
I stopped the movements with my hand, leaned over, lifted the skin, took the head of the penis in my mouth and licked it like a chupa chups, only salty.
Having worked a little head up and down, I moistened the trunk enough.
I sat down, slightly lifting my head and continued to move my hand.
My second hand went down to my pussy.
This time I was determined to finish.
How to work with my hand I knew well, experience, after all.
Literally a few minutes later, the man began to fidget, moan, squeeze my shoulder.
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