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It was my fantasy, and it came true.
I was then 24 years old.
But then.
Then there was hell.
I felt like a whore, a public girl, I felt ugly, vile, dirty.
It was unbearable, I even wanted to cut the veins.
And I decided: since I am like this – I must atone for the blame, I must live for my husband, forgive everything, I must keep our family.
But listen to what I tell you: what was now with us.
what you did to me.
It was.
I did not know what happens !.
Lord !.
How did you do it, Bear? Why I am simple.
well, flowing like a leaky pipe – should you touch me? You drew on me with a brush – and the pleasure was already such that you couldn’t compare it with that.
A lot of troubles, anxieties and bad things were connected with this event, but I don’t want to retell them here.
I can only say that everything ended well, but Nastya had to pay off half the fortune.
Nastya was marrying me already pregnant – she got pregnant on that first night of ours – and then we had babies, like on a conveyor belt.
Nastya had dreamed of children all her life, had already despaired — and then she was so inspired that she gave birth to me in the first years of marriage four! Chinese girl naked webcam.

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