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I threw back my head from pleasure, but there was no continuation.
The girls had only to inflame us, but to be extremely careful and not allow them to finish right on the stage.
Therefore, she only gently stroked my dick with her soft tender fingers and from time to time circled the trunk and the head with a hot tongue.
It was very nice, but the presence of a rumbling crowd behind them did not allow them to fully surrender to the process.
On the screen, I could observe how the shots of the kneading beauties are replaced one after another.
Shown in this perspective, they all seemed large.
Then I looked at my neighbors left and right.
One of them had a rather impressive body, which, despite all the efforts of the girl, was in a semi-excited state.
The other had a member that looked like a crooked potato, and on top of that, twisted in blue veins.
“It was necessary to hold a contest for the most beautiful member as well,” I thought, admiring my own, wet from the girl’s saliva, which had an almost perfect oblong shape and a very impressive pink knob.
Obeying the second signal, all the girls stood up and took a step back.
I, along with the others, turned my face towards the audience, swaying the object of my well-deserved pride.
The audience burst into applause.
The most temperamental spectators rushed to the scene, but they were stopped in time by strong guys who were hanging out alongside just for such occasions.
I looked up Larissa, she showed me a thumb.

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Two of her partners in the game were already bare to the waist, showing impressive musculature.
The third one was just finishing an exciting striptease session, apparently, fulfilling Larissa’s wish.
She played cards superbly, for good reason they contacted her.
Or maybe not in vain.
Meanwhile, the host of the competition, a tall, long-legged blonde in a very frank neckline

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, came close to us.
I felt how my naked buttocks touched the warm girlish lips, and playful little hands again seized a member.
The same thing happened with the other participants: the task of the girls was to save the erection of the participants by all means, to give the presenter the opportunity to check the maximum length of each of us.
I glanced around and saw that only eight girls had coped with the task.
Two men, not because of their inferiority, but because of the piquancy of the situation, did not manage to get aroused enough, and their members hung limp, despite all the efforts of their charming assistants.
They were forced to leave, accompanied by liquid applause.
And the blonde, armed with a ruler, already approached each of us in turn, detaining each member in her graceful fingers for a little longer than expected, and loudly announced the measurement results.
As she approached me, a rumble grew in the hall, and I myself saw that I had only one real opponent.
But after two participants left us, he was standing right after me, and the leader was coming from the other side.
Nevertheless, the results of her measurements were impressive.
There was not a single member shorter than twenty centimeters.
At the first participant, the hose did not reach the 21 centimeter for a bit, for the second participant it was 21.
5, two more had 21.
6 and 21.
9 respectively.
Me and my neighbor, the leader deliberately missed to strengthen the intrigue, and measured the members of the two remaining members.
They turned out in the region of 22 centimeters, one a little more, the second – a little less.
Thanking everyone for their participation, the presenter smacked everyone on the cheek and said goodbye to them. 1 on 1 sex cam.

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