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“I stood naked in the hallway, watching Zhenya pretend to watch television intently.
Even turned it on.
– Yes thank God.
Pick you up – Come on.
I will try to slip away from work early.
I’ll call from Dmitrovka.
– Good.
I’m already starting to wait.
I kiss you.
– I love you too, Zhenya.
I hung up.
Zhenka stared at the TV with a look that seemed not to be sitting naked in the middle of the room, spreading out his household right there on the carpet, but studying some serious matter in the Lenin library.
– Interesting? – I sat down to him.
– Yes.
– Zhenka said vaguely.
– Can i ask you? – Well? – You love him? “Are you sure we need to discuss this?” Zhenya was silent.
He did not answer no, but he did not say yes.
– That’s the same thing.
– I waited a few seconds.
– I feel good with him, just like home under a blanket.
He’s cool, all the girls envy me.
And then, this is my life, this is my business.
Get better with Katerina.
She goes to work with me to cry today.
– What happened to her? – Someone shakes her nerves.
– Yah? – Zhenka looked up from the TV.
– And who could it be? Thank God, smiling, thank God, I switched the button in my head.
This was not enough for me to sort things out on the eve of

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my own wedding with a potential husband of my own best friend.
– Ok, I, unlike some, do not interfere in the personal life of my lovers.

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I showed Zhenka my tongue and jumped into the bathroom, having managed to close the door on the hook before he tried to rush in next.
As soon as I, as usual, sharply turned off the faucet, a jet of water struck me in the physiognomy.
The iron bowel of the soul jumped up from the pressure, crashed down with a plastic head into the bathroom and began to spin like a snake, irrigating the owner’s mats.
Zhenya has one serious drawback – he NEVER switches the faucet to the tap, which annoys me incredibly.
Moreover, I have repeatedly pointed out to him this shortcoming – to no avail.
If it was my Zhenya, I would have eaten it all.
And then, like, a stranger, children do not baptize, as they say, here I am silent through time.
To be precise – one year and eight and a half months.
We are accustomed to each other, akin, one might say.
The passion that has taken place has developed into a peaceful good relationship.
I decided that I had already come out of the period when the brakes are released in sex, when you forget where you are and who is the person who is next to you.
Even in the depths of my soul, I assumed that I had cooled down a bit and would no longer be able to feel my former craving.
It is passion, not love or the need to flirt.
And then, when the question of the future wedding with Zhenya was already practically resolved, Zhenya appeared on the horizon.
I do not remember exactly when I realized that in any case, sooner or later this will happen.
I only remember that this thought got into my head pretty quickly.
When people have a mutual desire to make love, they begin to look straight into each other’s eyes while talking.
Rather, one begins, and the second picks up this look, if the desire is mutual.
I do not know whether it is worthwhile to enter this statement into folios in the psychology of the sexes, but in my opinion, this is a sure sign. Fucking webcam porn.

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Sex and the city online putlockers.
Are all her friends noted here? ”- I thought, remembering the gallery of men in her album.
Oh! Oh! Oh! She moaned, giving me backwards.
“Now, hold on, comrade chief engineer! If you deliberately played all this comedy in order to have sex with your boss, you will have to be patient to give me the opportunity to pay you in full ”- I thought with bitterness and began to pump so much that she couldn’t scream, but only moaned like a cow cow.
The process proceeded so swiftly that I could not figure out which of her holes my “boy” was jumping in. But from the smacking sounds below, I realized that the lady of the village answered my question.
I loved this kind of intercourse.
As a rule, I was engaged in it when the female cave did not satisfy me.
Over time, it became too spacious and humid.
The priest resembled a tender mother, lovingly pressing her baby to herself.
It was moderately humid, soft and warm.
Here my “boy” was accepted as the most dear and beloved guest.
I worked with my eyes closed and not hearing anything.
Only one word screamed in the brain: “Drain! Drain! Drain!
Her basin seemed to have arbitrarily fought in unison with this my word.
The desire to satisfy her was so great that I was no longer aware of what I was doing, falling into a trance.
Nellochka was on the verge of fainting.

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Apparently my “projectile” went exactly to her caliber and delivered her burning, the greatest pleasure.
Finally, at the bottom of me, something began to zasverbilo, that I understood: there comes a climax.
And at that moment, when I was already on the verge of bringing my waterfall to the crater of its “volcano”, someone’s hot palm lay on my shoulder.
Aha Fuck ?! Wait! Do not move! Bend over! Continue to work and do not even think of kicking! – sounded above my ear, and I felt like a flexible, warm, soft “snake” began to crawl into my ass.

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My partner and I hid, still not realizing what had happened.
What are we waiting for? Go! – the voice said firmly and began to pump me up.
At first I wanted to turn around and zvezanut it between the eyes, but I was stopped by a sweet languor, which finally relaxed me and took away the will to resist.
How many can remember, but I have never experienced such pleasure in sex.
I didn’t have to be a man and a woman at the same time.
Feeling like a soft “hose” pumps me up, and I pump up one of the most beautiful women in the city, it has become beyond my strength.
I grabbed Nellie’s stomach with one hand, pressing him tightly with the other, and pressed the buttock of the newly appeared lover with the other, so that at that instant two streams of two hoses struck simultaneously: one of me and the other at my sinful body.
The buzz was transcendent.
Nellochka at that moment for some moment lost consciousness, but we picked her up, covering her face, chest, stomach and below with greedy kisses.
We were grateful to her for the super sex she presented to us.
Now I understand why the great Tchaikovsky was a homosexual, ”I thought, wiping my wet cock on Nelochkin’s ass.
He also made a partner with me from behind.
Well done, boys, ”Nellochka smiled happily and crawled into the bath.
– Let’s go here.
The three of us barely settled there, hugging and caressing each other.
Top of us rinsed a warm, gentle shower.
I want something, I don’t know what, ”Nellochka nagged, mockingly, kissing us in turn.
To fuck you two.
I guess? – Victor launched the palm between her legs.
Three, this is the highest class, ”Nellochka corrected him,“ but that was so long ago, at the dawn of my youth.
Well, so how? On the “Hamburger” I agree.
No problems.
Let’s go to the carpet.
It’s more convenient there, I suggested.
“Hamburger” we called the threesome sex.
I lay on my back, Nellie lay down on me, spread her legs and easily put on the protruding “trunk.”
This time, for the first time, I felt the taste of its “crack”.
Victor, kneeling behind him, inserted his “fool” into her anus.
And he had him what he needed.
I even envied him at first, having understood why our beauty chose him.
With such a member was not ashamed to “talk” with the thoroughbred filly.
When he pressed on her from behind, Nellie buzzed me with her body.
It turned out this way: I was holding, and they were working.
I was satisfied with this position. Sex and the city online putlockers.

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How not to worry ?.
What form are we in? In which? In indecent! Friends should know each other well.
And this can not be achieved without exposing the soul and body.
And what do you find me? Lovely
It’s a pity that such your charms as your breasts are still subject to limited access.
Is it time to reveal the secret of the clasp? Instead of answering, Sasha again joins Leonid.
His tongue spreads her lips and licks the incisors of her teeth, and when they move apart, she rushes towards her tongue.
Meanwhile, the right hand again appears under one of the bra cups, playing with pulp and nipple, while the left hand, having rounded the waist, follows the skirt belt and resumes stroking the belly pulp, including its underside, fingers slide along the pubis rune and make an attempt to follow on.

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You do not mind? – just in case, having interrupted for a second, Leonid asks.
Osadchaya is silent, but her thighs are squeezed so tightly that it is impossible to penetrate between them.
Oh shit! And here is an obstacle! – Leonid grumbles with indignation.
– And this is called hospitality? What is it, honey? And the fact that you do not allow my fingers to get acquainted with the entrance to the treasury.
And the fact that the belt from the skirt digs into the hand and, not only does it hurt, not to mention that it also deprives me of freedom of action! I’m not talking about the other belt I found on your thighs – with pendants for maintaining stockings.
And he and? The same way! Poor!.
What are you supposed to do ?.
If I were you, would I have gotten rid of all this devilry?

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From what? From the skirt! .
And you remove your hand from there, and it will not bother you.
He does that.
Perhaps you are right.
Let’s try to go some other way.
What do you mean? You will see now.
His right hand also leaves an equally tight space under the cup of the bra and is immediately announced at the bottom, on her knees.
Lifting the hem of her skirt, she crawls up between the inner surfaces of the hips.
Be careful! You tear my stockings! – she seizes him by the elbow.
No wonder! I’m acting by touch.
However, there is a third way.
Come on, please! What for? I beg you! I get up.
What’s next? Farther? You will see now.
Kanunnikov gropes the hooks on the belt of her skirt and unzips them.
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Undressing, the woman slowly went to the steam room.
Not having entered yet there, she exhaled an animal-like smell of sweat and freshness, saturated with the village sun.
The wind slid a warm draft.
Such a woman to look between the legs was a pleasure.
The wind acted with the usual pressure.
Diving under the belly of a languid woman, he made her feel the itch between her legs, familiar to all women, and the woman stopped on the threshold to the steam room and sweetly stretched with all her unspeakable body.
The wind was almost crazy when he saw all her graceful dissatisfaction, from fingertips to clean-shaven ones under her arms, with drops of sweat dewdrops, exuding an indescribably fresh sweetish aroma. Sex photo effects online.

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