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Will Will- she started the rotational movements with her finger and the pressure increased and I instinctively got up, Miss Bolivar with her other hand took me by the thigh and sat me back, without stopping to move my finger again, I got up and again she pulled me back with a strong hand and it turned out that I got up she sat down all the accelerating pace.
-Oh, almost got up, mother whispered hoarsely.
– Wait, now the seed will come out – she pulled out a finger, and dipped two fingers into the ointment and asked for it in a tender, well-groomed voice – Willi sit down – I again sat on Miss Bolivar’s fingers, having already understood what was required

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of me, I clutched at my chair and began to squat on her fingers, she patted me on the bottom encouraging, the sensations did not hurt, and even the pressure in the bottom was pleasantly created the impression that I wanted to crap.
I looked at my pisyun, he was standing upside down just like when the groom came to see my mother while I was staring through the hole.
-It is necessary to help; Mother stretched out her hand to pisyunu.
– Don’t touch, you fool – screamed at Miss Bolivar’s mother – then there will be a sense of sense – and already appealing to me tenderly whispered, I see you ass smart, do not hurry to crouch until the end.
“Oh,” my mother whispered, and now what.
– Yes, it is necessary to treat, but there is no medicine here like this, but preferably every day, they are like your Willie at first, when a woman’s apprentice starts waving like assholes like port whores and then nothing if treated constantly.

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“And because of what all this is,” my mother asked in frustration.
-You’re a fool Marta, because of what because of what, don’t you see that he loves to fuck like a woman, see how he jumps, I already suspect if anyone fucked him, I realized everything very quickly.
“Yes, I see,” repeated my mother sadly, and suddenly she covered her mouth with her hand, “yes, he is quite small, you are Miss Bolivar.”
– Here you are and what, I need to treat, and I still need mold.
Miss Bolivar dragged out her glass without taking out her fingers, and as soon as she put it on the floor I suddenly stopped measuring my muscles as Miss Bolivar twisted, looking at my eyes greedily in sweat droplets trembling on her antennae, I jerked and a thick white-like snot came out of the pisyun .
– Here’s Martha’s proof for you – Miss Bolivar uttered triumphantly – and cums like a woman’s asshole, and let him immediately wash away her ass with a clean mouth.
-Villy go, wash your ass out in the trough, the water remained.
-Sad Marta, I can offer you to take him to cure him-with the word heal, Miss Bolivar rolled her eyes and rubbed the bottom of the big belly, they also drank a genie and I washed my ass and got dressed, feeling an unusual weakness.
-And what did you treat such.
-Of course, she released three and even immediately attached to the gentlemen with great bedding and with money and was fed and clothed, although it’s not a quick year to heal it is necessary or even more but it is necessary to heal.
Yes, come on, expensive.
-With you, not a penny, gentlemen, they also pay me a bill, and they say thanks.
Yes, where will I give it to you then that, and most can be treated.
-There’s need to know – it is important to put out the fingers of Miss Bolivar – everything is not so simple, but if you doubt I will leave the ointment to you, do it every day until the seed comes out, and what does not work then bring it, and I went late already. Dildo gag webcam.

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I sat spellbound and could not utter a word.
– I never saw that.
– I wish I could fuck her.
– Sergey looked at the young man and saw that he wanted her.
– Yeah.
– the guy was obviously not averse to fucking Olga.
– I am now.
– with these words, Sergey approached Olya and said something to her.
They talked a little, it was clear that Olya agreed.
because she nodded her head and looked at my side of the young man.
He beckoned the guy with his finger.
The guy got up and walked over to them.
After talking with the minutes they got up and went towards the private sector.
I went after them.
After a while they came to a small house and entered the courtyard.
Moving in the distance, I tried to keep up with them.
They entered the house, and I opened the gate and slipped into the yard.
It was a small old house, most likely the guy rented a room in it for the duration of the vacation.
I did not know what to do, I terribly wanted to see what was happening there.
I plucked up courage and opened the door.
Once in the hallway I listened, someone’s voices came from within and Holguin laugh.
Played music.
I opened the door a little, looked around it was a living room, then there was a door to the room where Olga and Sergey were with a stranger.
The door was open.
I did not see what was happening there, but I heard everything well.
– Nice apartment, do you live in it alone? – Sergey asked a stranger.
– yes no, I’m here with friends.
They left today and the water park and I can not stand him, – answered the guy – and how many of you are three? – four, three guys and a girl, Max and I live in this room and Fedor

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and Sveta in the living room.
They are almost husband and wife.
– Semyon.
how did you like Olya, really cool girl.
– Oh, yes Olya is super, such a beautiful and brave girl.
Ol and you always go without panties? – now I knew his name, Semyon.

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– my husband forbids me to wear them in the south.
Yes, and I myself do not like extra clothes.
So easy and freer.
You do like when there is no linen on the girl.
– Olenka, show us how it is in all our glory, we want to look at you so much, because we want Sem? – really want to.
– answered Semyon.
– A husband will not look for you? – no, it will not.
Turn away I take off the dress.
– I heard a slight rustle of fabric – you can watch, and now you are boys.
– you are charming Olya, just a goddess.
– come here, undress me myself and Semyon, – it was Sergey’s voice, it seems he was tired of playing mouse cats.
– Yes, boys, I’ll do everything myself, close your eyes.
Taking advantage of the moment I sneaked to the door and saw a large mirror on the wall in the room.
It was perfectly clear what was happening on the opposite side.
The guys were lying on the bed, and Olya took off their clothes.
Her delicious ass was so invitingly swaying.
She threw off the shorts with Sergey and licked his tongue with his tongue, running the tongue all the length of his cock plunged his mouth.
At this time, Semyon, without waiting for, threw off his clothes and eagerly watched how Olga sucked dick.
His dick was excited and stood like a sentry.
A member of Semen was of medium size, about the same as mine (which I was already holding in my hand and jerking off speeding up the pace).
Noticing that Semyon had already undressed, Olya took his dick in her hand.
– take care of them.
– said Sergey, – I want to see how you will do it.
– as you say, – Olya released a member of Sergey from her mouth and crawled to Semen with a smile on her face.
After playing a little tongue at the base, and kissed the head, she took it in her mouth and began to suck dick.
She smacked, moaned, simultaneously looked at Sergey, as if seeking approval.
– better suck the creature, you didn’t understand, – Sergey wanted to show Semyon that he is the owner of this woman and that she will do anything he wants.
I was only a few years old when my cousin Oleg came to us in the summer from somewhere near Moscow.
Summer was very hot in Moscow that year.
All adults constantly resented and suffered, and I liked it, because in Serebryany Bor there was very warm water and it was possible to bathe all day long.
Every day we went to go swimming with boys and girls from our yard.
Oleg was 2 years older than me.
He was a fair-haired boy and, as he did gymnastics, his figure was athletic.
When I first saw him, I was envied by his ability to keep at ease, while having only short shorts, a tank top and a baseball cap out of clothes, which he wore hooliganism backwards.
Oleg’s shorts were not easy to short, but still quite spacious. Webcam natural big tits.

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“I’m ashamed of him! I don’t want to crap at him! When I was given an enema the day before yesterday, he was not around!”
“Ah, that’s why he wanted to repeat the procedure today!”, I thought, but said out loud: “Andrei is my assistant and should be present when you crap! This is a doctor’s order.
“I see,” the girl sighed in response.
Then Andrei returned from the kitchen.

He helped the cousin up and crouched over the bowl while I was still holding her buttocks tight.
I finally let them go.
From the back passage of Verochka, a huge stream of water burst forth and noisily poured into the bowl.
Following the water came pieces of softened feces that fell into the water, raising splashes upwards, some of which fell into the face of Andrei, who stood bending down and watched Verochka emptying.
“Ugh, damn!”, He cursed and wiped his face with his sleeve, then walked a couple of steps to the side.
The girl, meanwhile, continued to noisily empty her intestines, spewing new portions of water and feces.
“What not to say, and she really needed an enema,” I thought, “see, for the last time, Andrei’s relatives did not curse her properly.”
A wild, nasty stench filled the room and I ordered Andrei to open the window and the door so that the draft would air it.

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Finally, after another 2-3 minutes, the process of concreting Verochka ended with a long and loud bunch.
I told Andrei to take the bowl to the toilet and pour it there, and he himself took Vera by the hand and led him to the bathroom to wash.
“Doctor, I can undermine myself, I was taught this at the hospital,” the girl assured.
“Okay, wash, I’ll see!”.
Vera got into the bath and for a long time washed out her genital slit and crotch with the palm of her right hand, and did it right – in the direction of the anus, and not vice versa.
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“It’s all right, Seriniti.”
– Objected to Summer.
– I like it when she touches me, I want it! – But.
– Sister, do not you see that she is well? She does not want to stop.
Esther inserted two fingers into the girl’s vagina, which opened to meet her.
– See how she likes it? What pleasure does she get? After all, you too could enjoy my love.
We both could, if you weren’t so stubborn then.
Seriniti looked away.
– Let her go, Esther.
I will do everything you want, just let go of Letha.
– Let go? After we got so close? Sorry, but I agree only on the exchange.
Here are just a replacement.
at least equivalent.
– I hope I come up? – Completely.
– The Empress smiled predatory.
– And where will we meet? – District Dredglum, a dead city in the northern jungle.
I will be alone, only you must come in person.
If troops appear in your place, I will not be alive.
Just cut my throat.
You know me.
– Yes I know.
– Esther nodded.
– I’ll be there.
Seriniti threw up her head, looked the Empress in the eye.
– I hate you, sister.
“And I still love you, sister.”
Everything as usual.
The Empress’s personal cruiser glided about a kilometer above the ground, held in the air by powerful antigravs.
Esther stood on the observation deck, staring at the perilous sea of ??the jungle below.
There, under the green cover, was hell.
The combat virus that destroyed the entire male population of the planet a millennium ago was also a powerful mutagen, turning most of the flora and fauna into nightmare creatures.
Of the many scientific expeditions that went to this region, not one returned.
There were rumors of biomechanical monsters, a legacy of gene experiments hiding in such wild corners of the earth.
“We will be there soon, Esther.”
– Iris put her hand on her shoulder.
Do you see the towers? Esther peered.
The metal towers rose from the green sea, and on top of one of them stood a thin female figure.

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A plume of red hair fluttered in the wind like a banner.
Makhina cruiser drew level with the tower, a light ramp lay down on the edge of the ancient building, and Seriniti stepped onto the ship with dignity, without paying the slightest attention to the armed guards surrounding her.
– I came, as agreed.
Now let go of Leta.
– I always keep promises, sis.
As soon as we return to the palace, your friend will be free.

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– Then let’s not waste time.
The cruiser turned around and lay down on the opposite course, when the bell of a military alarm suddenly rang, and immediately the cruiser shuddered, tilted to the port side, losing altitude.
– What’s happening? – Esther popped up.
– She angrily glanced at Seriniti, but she answered her with a blank look, for what was happening was also a surprise.
– Unidentifiable threat! – The internal speaker has come to life.
– The attention of the crew, the ship was hit, we are falling! The ship went down sharply, then a terrible blow.
Esther was thrown against the wall, and darkness swallowed her.
(to be continued)
The elegant lady hesitated, afraid to dirty her skirt on the dirty floor.
Then Julia came up behind and gave her a tasty kick.
From the blow, Dilshat flew forward and fell to her knees in front of her other tormentor.
Dilshat began to babble something, but Irka roughly cut her off.
– Kiss my feet, bitch.
Stretched out on their knees, Dilshat several times touched her lips to the teenager’s sneakers stuck with mud and shit.
Irka and Julia neighing.
The sight of an adult, mature lady, kneeling before them and kissing her shoes humbly, brought them into a completely cheeky delight.
Leaning close to her captive, Irka roughly plucked a pearl necklace from her.
Then Dilshat was lifted by her hair and removed from her a bracelet with rings and a watch.
After finishing and folding the lady’s bag taken from the lady in her own bag, the youngsters looked at each other.
They were surprised how easily they managed to break this rich, sleek, bitch.
They were excited by the idea that her position in society, money and pretentious business clothes, embarrassing much more serious people, were useless against the fury of simple teenage girls.
“Girls, let me go, I beg you,” Dilshat pleaded, “she herself didn’t believe that she was being humiliated in front of girls who she hadn’t considered for people before, I don’t have any more money.
“And pizdish again, bitch,” Irka grinned, again taking out his knife, “And what about your cool look?” – she with the look of a connoisseur felt the fabric of the lady’s jacket.
– Not cheap, probably clothes? Dilshat turned away in disgust.
Ay! A ringing slap would have been heard far beyond the fence if someone had been there. Sex beach hidden camera.

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