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Therefore, I interrupted Misha, drank a brotherhood with his member, after which we went, already stripped into the room.
Everything was ready there.
I threw him on the bed on his stomach and began to kiss his ass.
I wrote that I really like women’s ass.
Male after some dating turns out to look the same.
I wanted to fuck him.
He wanted this too.
If it was possible to stretch the pleasure, we didn’t do it because of the experience.
I licked it so much that I didn’t need lubrication, I pulled on a red cap and started to enter.
Tight girls come across now rarely (no offense).
Remain boys.
The boys are super in this regard.
Quietly, gently with potsuyami – and he is mine.
No cruelty, no extra power.
I gently fuck, gently, I feel every inch of him inside, I see his slightly trembling body outside.
Looking at him you want to fuck forever.
Only here excitement over the edge.
I distract myself with thoughts about sports (it does not help – I don’t like sports), about work (much less it does not help).
I can not stand it, I push it harder and harder.
I finish.
It was not long, but super.
The bear has not finished yet, he gives me half a minute on the front.
The benefit of excitement is so great that I, without disgust (men, who finished – he knows, after this business only to sleep) took his dick and began to suck.
Misha just had to.
He is trying to fuck me in the mouth – it really hurts to finish.
I let him go as deep as I can, but not before the manifestation of reflexes.
He asks me to put in my ass, but I refuse – not now, I have already finished, and to be honest, the continuation is less interesting.
But you have to finish.
I put my fingers in his ass.
This brings it to the end.
A couple of jerks, and he starts to cum.
I’m dodging.
When the excitement subsided to get someone else’s sperm in the mouth is not at all a pleasure.

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Oh, if I had not finished.
Here we lie hugging and tired.
Navrenoe, less than ten minutes of our entire orgy.
For the first experience is quite good.
Families are waiting, I’m going home.
Bear, too – it turns out, this is his aunt’s apartment, which is unknown where now, and he just had the keys.
It’s about eleven, I’m home.
The day can be circled in the calendar in a circle.
The first time I fucked a man, and I will not refuse to do it again.
Blue am I after that? But who knows?
I still love women.
The basis of everything is the idea.
The idea was to come and meet.
Like all.
Yes – I came.
To another city.
It turned out that he had nowhere to meet – he offered at a friend’s apartment.
That’s all – the station in a strange city, a taxi and a terrible excitement in the elevator.
Legs just did not move.
But as it turned out, the excitement was in vain.
He turned out to be very nice, sociable – he met with cheerful chatter at the elevator, apologized and took the bag.
Like, in general.

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My weakness turned into a feeling of dizziness.
We went into the house.
Clean and comfortable – no complaints – close hallway – to the right kitchen and stuff, to the left hall.
I did not want to eat.
We went straight to the hall — a wall, a music center, a green sofa — a good one, next to the nightstand, on the nightstand opened packages of wet wipes and a bottle of massage oil.
“Sit down,” he told me. I sat down facing him on the sofa.
He took me by the shoulders and gently turned his back to him.
– I want to feel you.
Can? Well, I did not know what to say.
probably you can.
I felt my back how hot he was.
His body pulsed noticeably, surrendering to me.
This excitement engulfed me with some kind of compressive wave, going from under the hair at the back of my head, down the spine.
He hugged me.
Calmly and confidently – with one hand on the waist – put the other over his shoulder.
We listened for a while as our heartbeats were adjusted.
It seemed to me that the sound of my heart was a dull and frequent touch, in the silence of the room it was well heard.
One could write – “then I thought.
“I didn’t think about anything – there was fear, surprise, desire and excitement to find out what’s next.
Emotions quickly changed, erasing specific thoughts.
And then he unbuttoned my pants and slid my hand under my jeans.
I twitched, but he held me with his other hand.
– Of course, I could ask, but nothing would depend on your answer. I wanted to be indignant, but he pressed me to his lips with his forearm ,.
I thought (yes, here I thought): “Now I am.
(no, what is it!).
i’m just leaving here.
“It seemed to me that I was splashed out in zero gravity.
The world has lost its usual characteristics. Adult porn movies online free.

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The man got tired of it, and taking me by the head, smoothly filled my mouth, making forward movements in the groin.
I finally woke up and began to work actively with lips and tongue, forcing him to make a moan of pleasure.
The penis gradually swell, becoming harder, and, to my surprise, increased slightly, allowing my mouth to work, swallowing it completely, so that the testicles slapped my chin.
This went on for quite a long time, I got a taste, working my lips over his head, simultaneously nadrachivaya trunk with one hand and the other – massaging the scrotum.
I was prevented by a hand that gently pushed me away, freeing my mouth from the cannon with a light pop.

Cyril lifted me up and turned my back to me.
I leaned on the nearest drawer with my hands, feeling how I was lifted up by the skirt and the elastic of the underpants that slid along my legs.
The warm touch of my tongue against the smoothly shaved anus made my widely spaced legs tremble.
The man, meanwhile, increased the pace, penetrating the tongue to the full length, continuing to nadrachivat member.

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Then I felt the penetration of a finger, smearing something cold and slippery, and a little later through easily penetrated inside.
Another one joined his finger, and still furiously fucking and penetrating deeper and deeper.
When Cyril was convinced that the anus was sufficiently developed, he plentifully smeared the already beginning to fall, but nevertheless the impressive member was lubricated and put it to the ringlet, which began to slowly stretch, letting in first the head, and then the trunk inside.
At first slowly, and then more and more actively, he began to fuck me, planting the penis to its full length.
Incredible waves of pleasure overwhelmed me, and I groaned when to hold back was unbearable.
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Until the door to the office opened and Ilya appeared on the threshold.
“Helen,” he quit half-turning to the secretary, “Inna Andreevna’s and I should discuss an important project, so we shouldn’t be disturbed for some time.”
“Since when do you manage

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in my office,” the boss raised an eyebrow, but the subordinate had already crossed the office and threw two pink bills on the table.
– Here, Inna Andreevna, by the right of the fact that this time was paid by me.
Seeing the money on the table, the woman immediately felt herself running again.
The deal with Ilya has already been concluded: he pays, and she offers the goods.
And the product in this case was her body.
Everything is very simple – the money is on the table, which means that it must provide paid services.
The boss with an unwavering face gets up, goes around the table and turns her back to the employee.
She feels like an accessible whore, sex with which does not represent anything other than commodity-money relations.
But this is exactly the way Inna Andreevna turns her on, that she unhesitatingly pushes her skirt, tightens her panties to the middle of her thighs, just below the edge of her stockings, and bends down, resting her elbows on the table and stooping in front of a man.
The body trembles in anticipation and shudders when the brain is aware of the situation in detail: a sales woman obligingly places her hole at the client’s disposal as soon as he wishes.
By paying in advance, of course! A man will satisfy his lust and leave as soon as the need for her services disappears.

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But then all coherent thoughts are blown out of my head – as soon as the boss feels like a hot, rounded head is attached to sexual lips.
She sighs violently and feels that a man with pressure holds a member along the hole, crushing sensitive folds.
The desire to surrender to the will of the man who bought her body becomes intolerable, but even now delightful sensations fill the mind completely.
And do not understand what you want more – that such exquisite torture or domineering penetration.
Inna Andreevna is ready to ask Ilya to finally pierce her with a strong member, but she remembers in time that at the moment she is only hired personnel who must comply with any whims of the client.
Therefore, despite the trembling inside she suffers sweet mockery, only slightly shaking her hips, as if caressing a member with sexual lips.
After all, this should please the client, which means the work will be done ideally, as she likes.
Finally, she hears: – Refill yourself! Even in such smallness she should not refuse a man! He is reluctant to tinker, tucking the dick in the obedient whore, so, chasing the sensations in her fingers, she grabs the trunk and sends it to herself.
The vagina is unusually wet, and the penis falls all the way down.
Inna Andreevna cries out, feeling herself.
stretched to the limit on a large sexual organ.
She had never experienced such rapid penetration, as well as crazy pleasure in the first few seconds.
She no longer pays attention that her panties mercilessly slammed into the thighs, which crawls her breast across the table, most likely leaving folds on a perfectly white fabric that presses the table edge on her stomach.
No, nothing of this exists, there is only a hot member deep, deep inside.
Ilya begins to move, prompting a new enthusiastic moan.
Now she is fucked often and deeply, and she feels the buttocks tremble with every blow.
But the most important thing is the pleasure inside: the vagina is stretched on a large limb, and it is done with male egoism.
Ilya is not at all interested in her well-being, passionately planting a member to its full length.
“Well, the fate of a whore is like that – she’s been fighting like a man wants, not her,” a terribly exciting thought flashes, but then she is taken by the hips, and her body, startled by each blow, is taken to stick to her penis. Asian swimsuit model’s only porn video.

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Dumbfounded by the experience, Marina sat down at the table, looking at one point.

As I found out later.
That evening, she was fucked twice more.
At what the second time on the floor, when everyone has already gone.
Here is such a music, such a fucking eternal youth.
Meanwhile, I began to stick to another of our girls, admittedly the owner of the most luxurious ass in the company.
Again Tatyana (№3) takes me to them.
Circling in the dance, imperceptibly we were all in the same toilet for women two floors below.
Tatiana once again dug into my lips and began to unbutton my pants, saying: “Let’s get on fast!”
Twice I did not have to ask.
I undid her pants, she immediately took them off and put it on the next washstand.
She herself stood up to me and leaned over.
My dick took the fighting stance and, a moment later, he was in the vagina of my girlfriend.
Tanya zazyvivalsya, choked giving herself to me.
I caressed her ass, crushed it, gently slapping.
Tanya answered with a playful wagging on the backside.
I looked at her anus,

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tickled his thumb.
Fucking her in the ass has become my obsessive thought.
Finally, I could not resist, took out a member of her smoothly shaved pussy and began to enter it in the ass.
“Ltd! Why do you know how! ”, Quite unexpectedly for me said Tanya.

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Fucking in the ass for her was clearly not the first time.
I was even a little upset.
However, soon the disorder passed, I forgot about everything except her luxurious ass, gently squeezing my dick.
“Lets go faster! Still! Stronger! “, Tanya begged me,” I love it so much! Oh! I’m coming! ”She almost shouted.
We finished at the same time.
We were beaten by convulsions of orgasm.
We stood leaning against the cold tiled wall and gently kissed.
In the future, it became absolutely obvious that I definitely would not be enough for such a number of girlfriends.
So I had to make a choice.
I chose the experience and luxurious ass Tanya number 3, well, and sometimes an impressive bust and pornographic forms of Marina.
Episode 2
I was lying in the room.
My hole just worked and all burned.
My face was splashed with sperm, but I was so tired that I could not get up and wash my face.
I licked my lips.
In the mouth taste of semen.
There was a knock at the door.
– Come in.
– I answered quietly.
– Hello, Ol! – said Lena entered.
– Wow! Who are you so fucked off? Judging by the number of sperm, is Alexis tried? – Yes, my brother and I went.
– I got up, took the napkins and began to wipe myself.
– Says brother wanted to try two cocks in one hole.
In the dorm, except for you, he says, and Julia in the ass two no one takes.
Julia at work, so they decided to come to me.
– So how? – Yes, it hurts.
I have long been in two trunks not fucked.
– Pancake.
Here to try! – Yes, what is the problem? Who do we have from the guys pipiski thin? – Well I do not know.
Vaska probably.
Yes, even our locksmith.
“You slept with everyone in the hostel?” With all the attendants? She made innocent eyes.
– Yes, with all.
– Well, invite them.
– And will you come? Will you jump what? – Do not worry.
There is not difficult.
– I smiled.
We left the room.
I am going to take a shower. Hot girl masturbating on cam.

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