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Anton opened the hood and, without looking at me, began to unscrew something there.
His dad got up close and they began to have a lively discussion.
My position was not enviable.
On the one hand, the guy considers me easily accessible.
The one with whom you can do what you want.
And I need to show firmness, to convince him otherwise, and on the other, how to do it? You need to get up and show your character, proudly leave.
Proud to go naked after pleasing him orally.
I looked at the turnbuckle and the condom shiny from my juices, put on him.
I do not fit something with me.
And the floor has already been done.
Remained a little.
Five minutes of shame and all.
And he is not a stranger to him.
He loves him, so he shares everything.
And I will make an elderly person nice.
Probably not every day he gets young, like me blowjobs do.
“I agree,” my words sounded unexpectedly loud.
– What? – Men said this word almost simultaneously.
“I agree to give blow to your father,” I said, bearing in mind the previous humiliating interrogation.
Anton’s dad came up and squeezed my chest with force, leaving black oil marks on it on it.
“Good,” he said with a tongue, he said, and loudly slapped my ass.
I walked up to the trunk of the car and took up my previous position.
The handle of the tow bar again easily entered my hot vagina.
I looked at the man inquiringly.
– Liked! – Anton laughed.
– I, uncle Vasya.
Come on, – Anton’s dad firmly took my hand and dragged me into the street.
He moved quite quickly and I, stumbling with my bare feet, did not have time for him.
When we came to the log, and uncle Vasya flopped and pulled off his pants, I looked at his personal belongings.

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– Dirty – I thought, seeing the adherent hair and pellets of fabric, and when I sat down on his knees near him, I almost vomited from the smell.
From the man smelled like a garbage can.
Urine, then the devil knows what.
Once again I did not dare to refuse.
And the man, anticipating pleasure, literally glowed with happiness.
Rescued me old wisdom.
As a child I went to camp every summer, and there was a fish day on Thursdays.
For breakfast, fish, for lunch, and for dinner, too, fish.
I can’t stand the smell of fish.
And I want to eat.
So one of the girls, seeing that I was starving, taught me a simple method.
The rule of three “H”.
Do not look, do not smell, do not think.
I closed my eyes, and, trying not to breathe, with a hungry frenzy began to do blowjob.
I imagined that this is a member of Anton.
Clean and tasty.
– See how sucks? – said Anton who came up – A broke how.
He brought a beer, and they lit a cigarette.
– Everything, thirty three pleasures, – I thought.
The men sat on a log, without haste, sipped a foamy drink, and I perched on the muddy ground between my legs, mouthing the male genitals.
Fifty meters from us were worn cars.
The roar of their engines was well heard and even visible silhouettes in the gaps between the foliage.

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Now, if someone calls in, – I thought, – I don’t even have time to hide.
The log became visible as soon as you left the track.
Men started talking about the upcoming football match, arguing who would win, as if I did not exist.
If they behave this way, it means that this has happened before.
Although what am I talking about? Anton is older than me and he, of course, had women.
I felt a stab of jealousy.
He did not even try me.
I am certainly better.
And interestingly, he had previously shared all his girls with his father? And if we get married, what will he do? Will it continue to divide me? Here the course of my thoughts has changed.
I began to reproach myself how can I fall so low.
Nothing can justify my behavior.
Sitting on the street, naked, in front of two men and to appease them.
And I really wanted to, that Anton would take me.
Took immediately, without any foreplay.
“Wait a bit,” Uncle Vasya suddenly said and pulled his penis out of his mouth, “I’ll go and pour.”
He got up and went to the bushes, and Anton slapped me on the cheek, and then he put his fingers in my mouth, imitating a member. Hidden cam lesbian porno.

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I began to kiss and caress Sonya’s nipples, enjoying her reaction to my actions.
It seemed to me that I caress a timid, inexperienced and shy schoolgirl, my first partner and school friend.
With a flick of my hand, I made it clear to Sona that she would roll over and kneel.
She complied with my instructions and bending the back, framed her ass.
At this time, I smeared my finger with a special gel, went back to Sonya and pushed her panties.
I opened a wonderful picture.
The dark ring, a little developed during our past games, beckoned me.
Sonya’s testicles, which she used to remove her hair all the time, were hardly visible.
I admired this view and bent over her anus, let a stream of saliva in the very center of the hole.
She felt it, and her ass slightly opened, as if swallowing saliva.
I kissed this rose and began to caress the tongue.
Sonya screamed and leaned back, trying to get her ass dressed in my tongue, seeing this, I put my finger in her ass.
I penetrated her ass very carefully, although it was not her first time.
Sonya trembled, her movements became intermittent.
I processed her ass more intensively and without waiting until she finished, I grabbed an artificial member and put it in her ass.
The member entered along the already well-oiled passage, almost to the end.
Continuing to move them, I covered Sonin’s penis with my palm, right through the panties and began to actively squeeze him.
I felt like he was twitching, trying to straighten up, and my hand began to cover with warm and sticky sperm.
Sonechka finished, groaning like girls in porn movies.

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I still continued to fuck her ass, but she almost completely slipped on the sofa.
With a whipping sound, I pulled a member out of her ass and Sonya collapsed at my feet.
I slowly taught to end it without stimulating the penis.
She was forbidden to take off her panties so that she could jerk off her cock and somehow restrain her reaction.
I sent Sonya to undermine and change her panties.
By the way, I also love anal sex, and Sonia knows this very well.
I took off my

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panties, already wet from my juices, because I was excited no less than Sonya.
I lay down on the sofa and spread my legs wide apart, squeezed the gel out of the tube and smeared my ass with my finger.
Sonya returned and, following our tradition, began to lick my girl.
She knows perfectly well that from her language I finish almost instantly.
I felt her tongue go over my wet lips and lick them outside.
My sex lips were very wet and Sonia licked all my nectar.
Then, she pushed her tongue apart and licked it from the inside, but since all the juice was flowing and flowing out of me, she had to lick my girl again and again.
Her tongue, then played with my clitoris, then plunged into my hole to the full depth.
I was terribly good.
It was as if I was rocking on the waves, getting from every movement of the tongue in me, a new opportunity to fly up on the wave and roll down from it.
I always scream very loudly, so there is no way to do this if the parents are at home.
Sonya, seeing my reaction, wet her finger and began to fuck my ass.
As I have already said, I get great pleasure from anal stimulation, therefore, immediately the strongest orgasm fell on me.
My two holes began to shrink involuntarily, I felt a finger inside me.
and the orgasm took me.
I disconnected for a long time, and when I came to, I saw that Sonya was licking my nipples.
I still felt so good about what I said.
Sonia, girl, thank you very much.
You did a great job! Your tongue is a miracle.
Go, I suck you, just insert yourself a member itself.
Sonechkin eyes shone.
She smeared a little.
gel on the artificial member and threw a leg over me, sat on my chest.
I lifted her, and she inserted an artificial member in her ass.
Her dick stood right in front of my face and I took it in my mouth, licked the head and launched the tongue under the skin of the head. Tv sex online live.

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This we will quickly arrange.
No one will notice you.
Are you ready? – Yes.
– Come to the one in the blouse.
Do not look into her eyes yet.
It will be easier with her.
Come up? – Yes.
What’s next? – Quickly look into her eyes and do not let go.
Never let go.
– Oh how hard.
Her eyes are dead and empty.
– Look straight into the nose at her and seemingly through. Beauty ass webcam porno.

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She slapped me in the ass and from this I quickly fucked Nastya.
I could not keep the sperm in the balls anymore and shot the sperm into the red, wet cunt.

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Nastya from pleasure dropped her cigarette from her lips and she fell on her tongue.
With wild cries, she spit it out, sucked my tongue so as not to cry in pain.
I got rid of her and fell down beside her.
Olya never stopped jerking off her already fucked ass and shaking from the approach of an orgasm.
And here our Curator enters the office.
Eugene for the third year worked as a pizza peddler.
Although the salary is small, but the guy managed to study well at a prestigious institute and independently bring home a certain profit.
So it was this time.
Zhenya knocked on the door of a private house, and in his hands he held two pizza boxes.
He left his bike near the gate and just waited until the door was opened and the order was paid.
A minute later, she slowly opened, but the ladies did not see the hostess.
Is there anyone at home? I brought you pizza here.
As ordered, with mushrooms.
– The guy plucked up courage and, without an invitation, crossed the threshold of the house.
But then Zhenya was just taken aback! He was literally speechless and all the boxes crashed to the floor.
Directly on the couch in a large hallway lay a naked woman.
In appearance she was 40-45 years old.
The woman twisted a strand of reddish hair on her finger and smiled slyly.
I know that you did not expect such a reception.
Thank you for the pizza, but I would like to offer you to share with me dessert.
I am a single woman, but passion is enough for three.

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I can provide for your location and material support.
Do not be afraid, baby, agree.
Zhenya was so shocked that he couldn’t even let out a couple of words.
He stood rooted to the spot, for about 20 minutes.
Various thoughts flashed through my head during this time.
But for some reason he simply did not want to run away.
He slowly approached this naked woman and crouched beside her practically on the tip of the sofa.
I am 43 years old, as you understand, there is no husband.
– She introduced herself.
I am Eugene, Marrying.
– the guy stuttered.
But at the same time he was overcome by unprecedented arousal.
After all, study and work did not give a chance at all to establish a personal life, there was no girl, sex as well.
Larisa did not say a word anymore.
She pulled the guy by the hand and put his hand on his chest.
Wasting no time.
The woman pulled off his pants, began to massage his hands all his “economy”.
Zhenya had already forgotten about his fear and was burning with excitement.
He no longer wanted and could not hold back.
The guy literally leaned on a hot woman.
He turned it over quickly on the stomach and immediately went into the already wet, flaming “pussy”.
Larisa made the first, but pleased loud moan.
She grabbed the guy by the buttocks and made him move faster and more intensely.
Eugene was only enough for ten minutes.
He finished fairly quickly and did not really have time to understand what had happened.
Larisa felt his approaching orgasm, stopped abruptly and took his cock in her mouth.
She did not miss a drop, drank it all! Well, baby.
And I still have not received her.
Let’s do some work.
Zhenya immediately took the hint.
He bent over Larissa and slowly sank to her pussy.
Although the guy did not have much experience, but he tried to appease his unexpected mistress, who gave such a passionate orgasm.
He sucked hard and excited clit, and then massaged it with his finger.
Then Zhenya stuck his index finger into her vagina and at the same time caressed the entire “intimate” zone with his tongue.
He again unrealistically excited, and the guy’s member again asked to “fight”.
Zhenya got up, spread Larissa’s legs as wide as possible and entered her.
This time he did not end so quickly and gave the woman two long orgasms. Porn movies hd online free.

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