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Her silhouette in the darkness looked like a mermaid.
It’s cold, she complained sluggishly.
– Can I come to you? Do you like it? Probably, – she intermittently sighed and pulled the blanket to her chin.
Danila touched lips closed century.
Ticklish – she waved away crying.
Woo, yes, you have a fever, Fox, – he got out of bed.
– Come on, let’s go.
I will not go anywhere.
I want to sleep! He threw back the blanket, took it under the arms, like a child, and carried it to the kitchen.
Alice dropped her chin on his shoulder and was moaning sleepily.
In the kitchen, he sat her on a cutting table near the sink and reached into the cabinet.
Long hair fell on her face, covered her breasts in a short nightgown, barely reaching the knees.
She sat, crouching, her head thrown back, her eyes closed.
The girl was sleeping on the go.
He took from the shelf a bottle of pepper vodka and two glasses.
Drink up.
Mmmm, what is this crap? Vodka.
Drink up.
I will be bad.
If you don’t drink, it will be worse.
He brought the pile to her lips.
Alice grimaced.
Come on, come on. ”He persistently pressed a glass to her mouth, poured peppermint into the girl, and drank himself.

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Alice coughed and opened her eyes.
They glittered brightly in the lamplight.
Ugh, – she smiled.
Danila smiled back.
She went blush and this languorous sleepiness.
Thanks for pulling me out, ”she said softly.
And had to give water? Throw there so that you do not have children from hypothermia? Who do you think I am? And where, by the way, are all these hints of my loving nature? What tricks? Marinka told me that you fucked everything that moves.
She lives in the same house with you.
She described your girls, said, every week is new and everything is very beautiful, – Alice shrugged her shoulder and stretched

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Fool your Marinka, – he growled viciously.
– She climbed into my pants to me, and when I realized that the number would not pass, I began to write all sorts of nonsense.
Danila poured another glass and drank, wrinkling.
Then he looked askance at her guilty face and warmed up.
Leg hurts? It seems not.
Only to attack is unpleasant.
Give me the lymph nodes, I can feel it. ”He stood in front of her and pressed his thumbs on the hollows on her neck.
Alice wrinkled nose.
Painfully? Seemingly not magnified, he frowned.
No, your hands are just very strong, ”she snorted.
Danila looked into her eyes and smiled.
Funny you, Liska, – he opened the locker and put the bottle in there.
Suddenly he pulled his hand back, gritting his teeth.
– Pancake! Who put the stationery knife there ?! Is there a patch? The latter wore three days ago, – Alice blamed her shoulders.
– Give it to me.
She took his hand and looked at the deep cut on the thumb.
We will save the situation – she said, and took it in her mouth. Strip club private porn.

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I love you.
– And I love you.
Edmond? “He doesn’t know anything about it.”
If he finds out that I hurt you, he will kill me! – Yes, he loves me very much.
I like him sister.
And I love him.
– Yes, if I did not know you, then I thought that you are siblings, and that you look like a face.
– Well, yes. We began to talk with him about this and that.
It was nice.
He became my friend.
And everything was so cool, but suddenly struck midnight.
– Is it time for you to turn? – No I do not want to.
– Do you control yourself? – Yes, and you want this beast, right? – No, I need you, although I can not for a long time without him.
Painfully, I got used to my gentle and tender beast.
– If you want, I’ll be whoever you want.
I’m ready for anything for you.
I love you baby.
And the beast too.
I am jealous of you for him and vice versa.
You have no idea what I feel now.
– I think I understand you.
I kissed him gently on the lips.
He answered the kiss and we started kissing for about 15 minutes.
So soft.
He gently hugged my waist.
And here I was naked in front of him on my knees and gave him a blowjob.
He moaned and after 10 minutes I swallowed up a drop of his sperm.
He put me on the bed began to caress the chest.
No, not like my little wolf, but gently.
kissed, licked, caressed, touched fingers.
gently massaged my clit, caressed my pussy, which has long flowed full.
Having licked all this, he spread my legs and gently entered me.
Oh, how good it was.
I have not yet moved away from the orgasm and my clit was especially sensitive when he fucked me at a fast speed and touched him I just died dying of pleasure. Sex phone online.

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My name is Catherine, I’m 33 years old.
I have been married to a great guy for five years.
Zlatan 35.
I got to him after two unsuccessful marriages, and Zlatan before me was known as the first dog in the city – the town we have is small, everything is visible.
When we began to meet, the stakes were one in twenty, that Zlatan would agree to ring himself.
And yet he voluntarily married himself, everyone was surprised.
We lived well, calmly, without insults and scandals.
And, as it should be in a calm swamp, inevitably our life began to grow dim.
Zlatan paid more and more attention to his small business – he kept a sports bar in the city, where he was both the bartender and the owner, he stood behind the counter.
The sports bar, of course, closed late, in the days of major competitions often worked until the morning.
Zlatan came at dawn and fell asleep in a bag, what kind of sex is there.
In short, outwardly everything was fine, but from the inside there was no place worse.
We actually turned from spouses into roommates, seen only occasionally in the kitchen.
Zlatan worked – I slept.
I worked – Zlatan slept off.
A complete nightmare.

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And I finally decided to put an end to this.
I loved him.
And he loved me.
It was necessary to urgently solve the problem.
At lunch I caught Zlatan in the kitchen – he was making coffee for himself, apparently just woke up.
She came up, hugged her back.
– Zlatznayu what to think.
She does not look at me, does not want to talk.
I do everything wrong, she criticizes me all the time, does not give a word to say.
As if changed after the wedding.
“Maybe she didn’t marry you?” – I asked.
– Do you have money? Or something else? She got married, she achieved her goal – and you can be without ceremony.
He looked up.
– I have a good business, some money is found.
I do not deny her anything.
He wants a fur coat – this is a fur coat.
He wants a car – please – his look was becoming more and more meaningful.
– She herself is from a very poor family.
And you are right.
She got what she wanted.
And you can let me sideways, it turns out.
“You would show character,” I said.
– Get married a little – if she wants to use your resources, let her work out her nourishing life.
Let sucks, at least.
Give birth to a child.
And do not fucking build you and turn your nose.
A wife should serve her husband, not dynamite.
– Golden words, especially from the female mouth, – he nodded.
– I’m Herman.

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,” I answered shortly.
There is contact! I leaned my chest against the rack.
– Herman.
Do you want me to show you how a good wife should behave? – And she shot her eyes on the back.
– But Zlatan.
“It’s all right,” I whispered. “Zlatan is up to date and doesn’t mind.”
He told me about you himself.
I see – really, the case is bad. Bongacams o la la.

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Sex and the city with english subtitles online.
And, before the crunch in his teeth, he wished her.
It was probably clearly seen in my view.
Meeting with him, she at first, puzzled, raised her thin neatly plucked eyebrows, then, realizing its meaning, and the involuntary adoration that had arisen in him embarrassed her.
But, female coquetry, still got the better of her.
Flushing slightly, she quickly lowered her eyes, then squinted, and looked at me so sweetly, that I even had blood on my heels.
I barely slowed down my instincts, with difficulty I suppressed an eerie desire to shove her into my arms, and dig in an insatiable kiss on her fresh lips.
She was immediately embarrassed for her liberty, but again looked at me with a light call.
I gave her a direct look in which she could see everything I thought about her.
I knew that for me there was no shelter, and at least for this night, according to the laws of hospitality, she would definitely invite me to sleep in my apartment.
If only, having arranged me for a night, after that, she did not run away to some friend.
But, I will try to prevent this from happening.
If only she invited me to spend the night there.
I also noticed that my sympathy for her was not one-sided.
I felt with the skin that I also liked her, although she, with all her might, tried to hide it even from herself.
Not! Not! Not! Please do not! Do not do this! She cried softly, trying to move away from me.
It was not so easy, because I kept her waist.
She flexed flexibly, but her hips did not move away from me a millimeter.
She was unable to protect herself from my encroachments, indifferently letting me lie down in my bedroom in the dark of the bedroom.

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As a result, having picked up a good moment, I contrived to slightly stick a member into her crack.
Now he basked in it, bleeding with the juices of desire and unpleasantly with barely perceptible movements of the stenochka of his container, “asking” for permission to penetrate deeper.

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Victor, you and I barely know each other, and you demand everything from me at once.
Her words were more like apologies.
Speaking to me, she tried to move away a little from me, but achieved the opposite, my fighter went deep into her for a couple of centimeters, entering the moist depth of a delicate cave.
And she, too, expired juices.
Having chosen a good moment, I yanked at her waist.
Strung on a dick, she gasped weakly, froze, and I enthusiastically rushed into her, striking her pubis in her fluffy pubis.
Finally, we completely merged with her.
Contrary to my expectation, she continued to lay motionless next to me, touching me with her excitedly swelling belly.
These touches incredibly excited me.
My cock sat so deep in her vagina that at the slightest tension of the penis, his head pressed into the bottom of the uterus.
I noticed that every barely perceptible push causes a reciprocal contraction of her vagina.
After a brief moment, I heard a barely audible exhalation indicating that pleasure she did not want to reveal in front of me.
We continued to lie, pretending that nothing was happening between us.
Having a little accustomed, I continued to push the member into her uterus in a measured way, causing her to cut back.
But, we are no longer satisfied with this.
From time to time, as if offspring, I made barely noticeable movements of my hips, and then my push was much stronger.
Our excitement grew.
We practically indulged in love, although we pretended that we were just lying in the same position.
My palms slid down her waist, and lay on the elastic roundness of the elastic balls of tight buttocks.
I gently stroked them, gently pressing her thighs that were trembling with passion to me.
My cock rested on the threshold of her uterus, and I froze sweetly, feeling on it her soft and tightly compressed flesh.
Hugging her tightly, I unexpectedly turned her over onto her back, after which, being on top, I slightly parted her raised knees. Sex and the city with english subtitles online.

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