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Having pressed his chest to the back of the girl, Klaus began to perform quick frictions.
Caroline’s groans turned into one monotonous howl.
She felt Klaus breathing in her neck, heard his moans – and this whipped her even more.
It seemed that there would be no end to it.
Klaus felt that her tender muscles, so delightfully tightly wrapping around his body, began to contract sharply, Carus arched to the limit and stopped, frantically gasping for breath.
The strength to restrain himself was no more, and, moaning her name, he again poured into her.
Exhausted, wet with sweat, they lay on crumpled sheets and tried to regain their breath.
At that moment, looking Klaus in the eyes, Caroline realized that she would never feel such sensual pleasure with anyone.
And it’s not just that he was a terrific lover.
They fit together.
Understand each other.
They were similar to each other.
And behind the tightly drawn curtains, outside the window, a new day was coming.

It was necessary to get somehow to the sanatorium “Cliff”, which is located between Yalta and Alushta. Young masturbation video cam.

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