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He rubs her bare breasts, because he saw how she does it, and after a couple of seconds she ends up, not stopping the emptying.
Here we leave the Count and Olya.
What ended the story, everyone can speculate on their own.
Perhaps, then they have more than once engaged in “enemas” together, or maybe Olya never forgot an enema at home.
Maybe they still had sex, as intended by nature – pis in pussy, or maybe not.

This tale is over.
A couple of comments: 0) Of course, there were no obligatory enemas in tsarist times.
1) And the Bolsheviks, of course, did not cancel.
2) And about writing in the ass – also a complete lie.
4) Daily enemas – dangerous to health.

My acquaintance with Sergey took place at the university, he studied in the first year, and I was already finishing.
We practically didn’t communicate – Sergey was somehow familiar to my friends and there was no common topic for conversation.
But once I met him on the street in a very excited state, and after a short greeting, Seryozha begged me to lend him a weekend car to organize a tour of the glorious city of Yekaterinburg for two awesome girls from his native Muhosranska.

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The fact that I had all the old and scary car (it is difficult to buy something decent for student incomes), but I ran regularly, and Serezhino would definitely invite guests to visit if the ladies from E-Burgovo beauties would feel indifferent and would show their favor and I solemnly signed the power of attorney, and went home on foot.
Having woken up with difficulty because of a malicious call at 6 in the morning, I went to open the door, inventing on the way terrible ways of killing that bastard who arrives at such an hour, and on Saturday! Sergey turned out to be a bastard, but it was no longer necessary to beat him, since there was a huge lump on my visitor’s forehead, and my hands were scratched.
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