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Absorbed Albina penis without a trace.
(Oh, how mother-nature drives the naughty kids! I am from Albin breasts I ate milk once.
Mamania and me, and brother Till a year I spoiled boobling.
And now, again, I got My vessels for me.
They are empty! But nevertheless I Now sucked them with pleasure.
Yes that sucked !.
I give birth to Albina, like a male.
I will drop it into the uterus, since I will not bite off the end with a blowjob).
So, from what children will be born, It’s time for us and mom to do it.
I can not wait to get to my mother’s delicious vagina.
Not without difficulty from the mouth of Albina He removed the pipirku – all in saliva.
Offended, my busty girlfriend told me.
“Why did you take away my toy !? I haven’t enjoyed her yet! ”Once again, my barrel turned into a gag of a sensual mouth.
I fucked Alechka in the mouth And I felt.
Not far off Already pollution.
Words, Of course, it is difficult to describe, As I grabbed my own mother Quite rudely for curls And, not giving her indulgence, Began to control my head, Carry her here and there – Hurry.
Hurry up! Even faster.
As soon as the head from the neck At the same time she did not tear off ?.

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Mum moaned.
I was moaning.
Almost shouted.
“I’m finishing! Mama!!!”.
And shuddered.
In the throat directly hit the seed fountain.
Mother howled.
I, as an idol, Stood before her and continued Poking stubbornly.
Member faded.
But his mother would not let him out of the mouth of the depraved — she sucked, Like a “lollipop,” my instrument.
But nevertheless, the moment of separation of the penis with the lips of the native minetchitsa came.
I told my mother to testicles suck.
Submissively licked my mother scrotum and pubis.
“You liked it, son,” Albina tenderly asked, “How have I milked you now?”
I gratefully looked Into the eyes of relatives and whispered

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– As gently as I could.
“Oh, mommy! You served my top So I served you, I don’t know, How can I, dear, thank you for it.
Love you! And not to love you is not possible for me.
Hear! ”Albina answered.
How sweet you are! And funny.
Tonight I will become Your wife.
And in bed you pay me.
In fact, you show me that I am a man.
Albin I rose from my knees for the armpits, Began to kiss passionately.
For a reason, I didn’t let my mother let me down my little trunks.
A minute has already passed, followed by the second.
To remove her panties without allowing, Alka kissed me and rubbed her tits.
It seemed that the whole eternity passed.
My hand itself found nipples huge.
I roll them between my fingers, squeeze them pretty hard and I milk them.
A member stood up.
Sticking out! But the mother does not want to allow him into her cave.
Tolerate no urine.
“Go ahead, mommy.
Surrender yourself! – I pray her – Do not mock! Watch sex full movie online.

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