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In our memory there are memories of lost illusions and the hope that everything will change for the better.
We cherish in the heart the fond memories of the past, cherish them, like a medallion of our happiness that has become dull from time to time.
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On the knees of an imposing man sitting in an expensive office chair, with his eyes closed and moaning from pleasure, he was moved up and down by an elastic buttock with a gorgeous nude beauty.
Thick blonde hair fell over her shoulders like a waterfall, and elastic breasts trembled to the beat of frictions when they were not squeezed by the palms of their partner.
The girl wriggled with a flexible body like a snake, experiencing already the third orgasm on the account, and the man still could not get out of charge, although for several minutes he felt that it was another instant and he would just explode! But for some reason this very moment did not come at all.

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Apparently the beautiful rider understood that something was not quite right, and therefore she tried her best so that another member of the intercourse could finally reach the peak of pleasure, but so far nothing had worked.
– Wait! Wait!.
– Panting whispered beauty, – I want differently.
She deftly jumped off the trembling member and turned her face to the man pulled his arm out of the chair.
– It seems today you need a hole tighter, – radiantly smiling cooed girl.
Then, turning her back to her partner, she lay down on a wide table with an elastic chest and spread her taut buttocks apart.
The man, exhausted from excitement, did not have to be asked twice.
He put the head of the penis to the anus of the blonde and unexpectedly abruptly, without much ado, entered the full length.
The girl rushed around and bit her lip to keep from screaming, but it lasted only a couple of seconds.

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For a pretty face, it was obvious that rough anal sex for a beauty is not new, and that she really likes it very much.
A partner of the girl, meanwhile, was moving faster and faster, until finally he felt with his whole body that a wave of the strongest orgasm was covering him with his head, and the penis began to spew an inexhaustible stream into a beautiful body.
He was in it for quite a long time, but no matter how he wanted to continue, it was necessary to continue working.
Ahead of the working day and the mountain of affairs, which means it’s time to wrap up.
Slipping out of beauty, the man ordered: – Vicky, you’re certainly just super! As always! But the Japanese will soon have to come, so let’s clean up, get dressed, and to the workplace! And yes, he added, pulling on his pants and at the same time admiring the preening secretary, make me a cup of coffee.
“Now tell me, Bert, what is bothering you?” Is everything so bad? – Sure one hundred percent! – He sullenly grunted, the junk in the corner of his mouth was already an extinct cigar.
– Over the past six months, the shares fell by six percent, while the Garb-tack was flooded.
They lured away engineers from other companies for quite some time, but it was somehow useless, they also tried to outbid ours, but, you know, what kind of guys in Nix work for the team.
Idealists, their mother! Do not feed with bread – just give me work to go! “So this is not one of our nerds?” – And yes and no at the same time.
– How can that be? – The executive director was surprised, not having reached his mouth a cup of coffee halfway through.
– Do you remember the Italian woman who worked in the innovation department? Well, who was still running after your secretary, a bald one, about thirty-five years, well? “I don’t remember something,” the director answered a little hesitant, “there are so many males behind this birdie that I don’t remember all of them.”
Yes, and I somehow do not care, you know.
The main thing is that there are no office romances behind it.
She signed a contract.
– But you fuck her the same! – Burt was surprised. – Is it also written in her contract? – Of course no! But it’s just a fuck – no more! – Objected executive, – Did you see her? It’s just a sex bomb! Past something you can not pass, so the pants are not burst! And smart, devilish, though sometimes mows under the blonde from jokes.
It’s clear that the catcher and the beast run! And this engineer is yours, I suppose, not an exception.
By the way, you didn’t finish talking about him, who is he? – Umberto Pociani, he came up with the technology of recycling batteries in the conditions of isolated mines at Callisto.
– Oh, I remember. Watch forced sex online.

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