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They both were indifferent to alcohol, taking a bottle for a holiday, they never finished it up to the end.
She looked around the table, like everything was fine.
It remains only to bring a goose, but she will do this when Victor comes and they sit at the table.
Less than ten minutes later the son came.
He said hello that he would take a shower, and immediately at the table.
He went to the shower, and Irina went to herself to bring herself into the proper Imininians.
She made the makeup a little brighter than she did on a weekday, put on a green silk dress, a small turquoise brooch complete with earrings was also very in tune with turquoise.
She looked at herself from all sides in the mirror, made sure that everything was in order, went to the hall.
During this time, Vitya had already managed to take a shower, change clothes to the table, and waited for her in the hall.
Seeing his mother in the doorway, he moved to meet her.
Mummy, you look amazing! – He took.
kissed her hand and gallantly.
– It would be necessary to call all the guests.
Thank you son.
– Mother answered with a smile.
– Friends themselves must come on their birthday, if they didn’t come, it means that we don’t need friends, not friends.
Whatever you say, mom.
– Vitya agreed and pulled back a chair so that my mother would sit down at the table.
Then he put a music channel on TV, made a sound so that he would not interfere with talking, and sat down at the table against his mother.
They put snacks on their plates, and poured juice in glasses.
Vitya took a bottle of wine, which was already open early, and filled other glasses.
Taking a sip of juice, Vitya took a glass of wine in his hand and stood up to say a toast.
You and I have long been celebrating your birthday together.
And I, as usual, want you to wish you health, so that you finally get rid of this inconvenience of being constantly locked up.

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What would you have always been so young and very beautiful as today.
And what would you find a man who would appreciate your beauty.
He left the table, walked over to his mother, and kissed her cheek.
Thank you son.
– With emotion, the mother responded to his congratulations.
They drank some wine, and began to have dinner.
The conversation at the table was about various trifles, about how he was at work there, what he was told when he came to her work to get documents.
Pour wine, – said Irina, – I want to drink for you.
Vitya added wine to his glasses, and asked: And for me, for what? Today is your holiday.
You will understand now.
– She raised a filled glass, and continued.
– I want to drink for you because you do not even know what kind of support I had.
I mean, not only shopping, pharmacies.
I mean moral and emotional support.
And she sometimes needs any other help.
Therefore, I want to drink for you, for your love and support.
Thank you son.
She held out a glass to clink glasses with her son.
But he got up and walked over to her.
He kissed me on the cheek and said: Mom, thank you, I love you, you are my best.
They drank half a glass and he returned to his seat.
After such a lyrical digression, the conversation again returned to its former course.
I love this song! – Mother literally jumped out from the table.
– Let’s Dance.
Make it a little louder.
Victor took the remote and made the sound a little louder.
Irina turned off the chandelier and turned on the floor lamp standing in the corner of the room.
From the time when she taught him to dance slow dance, they always danced him in dim light.
It could be a garland in the New Year, candles for March 8, or a floor lamp in the corner if you need to quickly make twilight, as now.
Closing his eyes, everyone was thinking about something different.
At some point, Vitya forgot that he was dancing with his mother.
Drunk wine, and the intimacy of the female body aroused him, and Irina felt that a member of her son rested against her lower abdomen.
For so long she had not felt the touch of any member at all, and immediately felt that she had begun to get excited herself.
Now she was afraid that the son would come to his senses, she was sure that the son did not cause his excitement himself, and there would be an awkward situation

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, and even worse, she didn’t know when she could feel the cock resting on her again.
These thoughts stirred her even more.
Vitya suddenly returned to reality and realized that his embarked member rested on his mother.
He decided to quietly move away, in the hope that his mother would not notice his arousal.
But as soon as he tried a bit to create a distance between himself and his mother, he immediately heard her whisper: No, don’t move away. Videos webcam sex.

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