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I began to kiss and caress Sonya’s nipples, enjoying her reaction to my actions.
It seemed to me that I caress a timid, inexperienced and shy schoolgirl, my first partner and school friend.
With a flick of my hand, I made it clear to Sona that she would roll over and kneel.
She complied with my instructions and bending the back, framed her ass.
At this time, I smeared my finger with a special gel, went back to Sonya and pushed her panties.
I opened a wonderful picture.
The dark ring, a little developed during our past games, beckoned me.
Sonya’s testicles, which she used to remove her hair all the time, were hardly visible.
I admired this view and bent over her anus, let a stream of saliva in the very center of the hole.
She felt it, and her ass slightly opened, as if swallowing saliva.
I kissed this rose and began to caress the tongue.
Sonya screamed and leaned back, trying to get her ass dressed in my tongue, seeing this, I put my finger in her ass.
I penetrated her ass very carefully, although it was not her first time.
Sonya trembled, her movements became intermittent.
I processed her ass more intensively and without waiting until she finished, I grabbed an artificial member and put it in her ass.
The member entered along the already well-oiled passage, almost to the end.
Continuing to move them, I covered Sonin’s penis with my palm, right through the panties and began to actively squeeze him.
I felt like he was twitching, trying to straighten up, and my hand began to cover with warm and sticky sperm.
Sonechka finished, groaning like girls in porn movies.

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I still continued to fuck her ass, but she almost completely slipped on the sofa.
With a whipping sound, I pulled a member out of her ass and Sonya collapsed at my feet.
I slowly taught to end it without stimulating the penis.
She was forbidden to take off her panties so that she could jerk off her cock and somehow restrain her reaction.
I sent Sonya to undermine and change her panties.
By the way, I also love anal sex, and Sonia knows this very well.
I took off my

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panties, already wet from my juices, because I was excited no less than Sonya.
I lay down on the sofa and spread my legs wide apart, squeezed the gel out of the tube and smeared my ass with my finger.
Sonya returned and, following our tradition, began to lick my girl.
She knows perfectly well that from her language I finish almost instantly.
I felt her tongue go over my wet lips and lick them outside.
My sex lips were very wet and Sonia licked all my nectar.
Then, she pushed her tongue apart and licked it from the inside, but since all the juice was flowing and flowing out of me, she had to lick my girl again and again.
Her tongue, then played with my clitoris, then plunged into my hole to the full depth.
I was terribly good.
It was as if I was rocking on the waves, getting from every movement of the tongue in me, a new opportunity to fly up on the wave and roll down from it.
I always scream very loudly, so there is no way to do this if the parents are at home.
Sonya, seeing my reaction, wet her finger and began to fuck my ass.
As I have already said, I get great pleasure from anal stimulation, therefore, immediately the strongest orgasm fell on me.
My two holes began to shrink involuntarily, I felt a finger inside me.
and the orgasm took me.
I disconnected for a long time, and when I came to, I saw that Sonya was licking my nipples.
I still felt so good about what I said.
Sonia, girl, thank you very much.
You did a great job! Your tongue is a miracle.
Go, I suck you, just insert yourself a member itself.
Sonechkin eyes shone.
She smeared a little.
gel on the artificial member and threw a leg over me, sat on my chest.
I lifted her, and she inserted an artificial member in her ass.
Her dick stood right in front of my face and I took it in my mouth, licked the head and launched the tongue under the skin of the head. Tv sex online live.

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