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Headlifting to the hut, he saw the flames licking the thatched roof.
Immediately rushed inside, afraid to even think about what could happen.
Anna and her son were not there.
The friends arrived in time began to extinguish the flames and soon quickly coped with it.
“Your princess must have gone to shore,” Jim remarked, wiping the sweat from her soot-smeared face.
“No,” Duvall shook his head, “I’ve already looked.”
She is nowhere to be found.
Suddenly, as if remembering something, he entered the house.
His gaze fell to the table.
In the center of the wooden surface lay a piece of paper, on which, in uneven letters, it was displayed: “Now we are quits.
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Grabbing a piece of paper, Duval silently handed it to Jim.
He whistled and said: – I see.
Now everything is clear.
Duval darted around the hut, hanging his weapon on him.
His gaze again acquired the same implacable, cold, steel-like expression, and his face was concentrated.
– What are you up to, captain? – Father asked Giuseppe – I am sure he took them to the ship.
– threw Duval, loading a gun.
– I want to get there.
– You are crazy! – exclaimed Giuseppe, holding up his hands.
“Asya, this is madness – to be thrust onto the ship during the day,” Pierre supported him.
– We have to wait for twilight.
Half the team spends the night on the beach – looking for treasure.
And those who remained on the ship will fall asleep drunk.
– Of course! And until that minute.
– Serzh exclaimed and immediately stopped himself, finished in a hoarse voice: – I even imagine it scary what could happen to them until the evening. Top hidden cam sex.

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