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Hired for huge money, the nutritionist was ready to go into hysterics.
“Sam” preferred eastern cuisine with an abundance of pepper and herring for vodka, the spouse was “almost vegetarian” and ate only fish and all herbs, the teenage daughter did not tolerate onions, in any form, and only the lyceum student ate everything.
There is still a whole body of bodyguards to feed, guarding the owner, madam, personally daughter and son.
There will be many artists who have met at the reception with Madame, a reputed art connoisseur and patron of the arts.
The manor is fed by a crowd of courtyards, a women’s folk choir and a team of gymnasts.
But they have another kitchen, their own cooks.
The chef already has enough worries, from excitement, he gives out chewing to cooks and dishwashers, threatens to arrange a general spanking.

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Grabs the heart of a major domo.
It is required to clear the yard of construction debris, comb the lawns with a rake, clean the floors in the house, arrange the things that arrived before the owners.
Cleaning in the house is done by maids brought from the city, not older than thirty years old, with a good figure, on a pretty face.
He trained them as a major domo for a whole week, for the first acquaintance he personally carved each one with rods.
The maids were still not guilty, and with that great fear they lifted the hems of their mini-skirts and bent over, sweeping their ankles in their hands.
The major domo was not a monster, did not find pleasure in punishing his subordinates, but was convinced that only through the buttocks would the serf maids acquire fear and reverence for the owners.

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Having received their portion of “wooden porridge”, the girls and young women wiped away tears and continued to establish order with double zeal.
The main work fell on the shoulders of women and men driven from the villages.
In the era of continuous privatization, the village was taken away and drank up all the property of state farms.
Personality vouchers also went to drink.
The current owner bought the surrounding villages along with the residents, now they are completely dependent on him.
Now they diligently scrape the yard and lawns.
Would try to work without diligence – against the porch bench and buckets with rods.
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