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You look at me with muddy eyes.
Your body did not have time to cool down after caresses and you do not feel the coolness.
T-shirt is already wet through with girlish sweat and water.
Panties slightly lowered below the waist on the left.
Wild hair.

– Son of a bitch.
– you whisper.
Instead of answering, I cast a glance at you, expressing nothing but desire.
You step back, looking into my eyes, like a rabbit paralyzed by the fear of a snake.
Your hands washed your tired body after a workout.
Back, torso.
Your hand goes down.
Snarlingly kissed boxers hard cock.
Soap slipped over my flesh.
Your pen worked wonders.
Slipped on the trunk, smearing soap.
I groaned when you began to gently run with your fingers over the swollen, expiring head.
I spread my arms to the side, leaning against the wall and the cabin to keep my feet.
Victorious smile but your lips.
You go down in your panties, depravedly lowered, on your knees.
The barrel cleaned of soap suds plunges into your skillful (I know) hot mouth.
Uvula teasing bridle.

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The grease flowed onto the tongue with which you fluttered over the head.
Sponges sucked dick, suing.
I moaned, unable to hold on.
Your shameless eyes.
The penis is almost completely in the mouth – I already feel the neck with which you skillfully squeeze the head, forcing me to growl.
– AAAAAA !!! Bitch! What are you depraved! – breaks out of the chest.
You look up at me, but I do not see – my head is thrown up.
If I look at you, I’ll finish right away.
I felt like a member leaves your mouth, and the tongue, as if not wanting to let go, slides over the bridle along the entire length.
– So fuck your lecherous bitch.
– You whispered, dragging me along with you, holding me by no means by the hand.
We only reached the corridor.
Panties lay torn at the other end of the apartment.
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