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That’s why you’re a stranger! Alien, because you are attracted to other interests.
Your drives are different.
From the age of twelve, you began to realize that girls do not interest you.
You like boys, just a little younger.
You diligently hid this “strange” attraction from everyone.
You begged the little ones not to tell anyone what you were doing.
And they kept their word.
For the time being.
And then the whole area learned from someone what you were doing with them.
And here you have problems.
You were teased by a fagot, a wafer, a girl with x.
You moved to another city.
But that didn’t make it any easier.
This attraction can not be repaid in yourself! Although you tried.
Now you understand that it is ridiculous and stupid to intrude into the structure of your SOUL.

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And you continued to LOVE.
Do you think I’m writing about you? Not! I describe myself at your age.
You tried to contact a psychiatrist, a sex therapist.
Rather not you, but your parents.
What a red, non-healing and bleeding scar they left in your Mind !!! They will never understand that this is not a disease! Madly in love dogs and cats is a disease? Shut up in your room, paint portraits of fictional boys is also a disease? And hate rap and love marikone, and this pathology? And later, when you talked with a certain psychotherapist yourself, you understood everything.
All your doubts burned as the candle burns on your table.
You love very much, for some reason look at the flame.
And suddenly, when you became twenty, you realized that it is becoming more and more difficult to LOVE as you want.

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More than once you drank several packs of pills, you threw yourself under the wheels of cars, you opened your veins in the bathroom, but all in vain.
Do not let you out of this world.
Apparently, there was a reason.
And the reason was that you must meet this boy and love him as much as he did you.
So it will come out.
Believe me.
Because God cannot fail to reward patience.
This is your prize in a fight with the insanity of this world.
And you will get it! Don `t doubt.
I got it.
The calculation was natural for sex, strong male sex, which Peter was capable of, only a guy who is not given by a girl.
Even after the army, Jacob liked to drink hard, and often came not in the best shape, with pronounced traces of bitter drinking.
Online free multiplayer sex games.

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