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Quickly marked makeup.
I felt like before the first date, as if I became a girl again.
And the thought that in an hour a completely unknown person would have sex with me suddenly became dizzy.
When I entered the room, I just flew off the coils.
Lena was so elegant and defiantly beautiful that I dashed off, not knowing how to break between an erection, which suddenly, like an explosion, occurred in trousers, outrage that she was trying so hard for no one knows, and shock, so surprised her rosy cheeks and neck, glistened eyes and astonishedly inspired look, as if she had gathered for some long-awaited and pleasing performance.
Noticing my confusion, she mixed up from what became even more like a schoolgirl before the prom.
-Well, how? she asked carefully, not knowing how to understand my expression.
“Zaichenok, you are incredible,” I went up to her and pulled her to me, “you are a real queen.”
– She happily laughed, gently kissed my nose, so as not to smear lipstick and stroked my protruding pants.
– Careful, and then explode right here.
She laughed and we drove off.
The desired house was really close, there was a guarded parking lot in front of it, we called the security number of the apartment and the name of the tenant and let us in, having called somewhere beforehand.

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It was evident that people here are not poor.
The concierge missed us at the entrance, and we took the elevator to the seventh floor.
The door was opened by a 40-year-old man, tight, a little full, but carefully shaven and wearing neat gold glasses, dressed in pajamas and a bathrobe.
He looked dumbfounded from me to his wife, and he seemed to be trying to understand who we were.
I was confused too, and only Lena was found.
-Valera? You called us.
The man woke up and smiled perplexedly.
-Lena? Are you Sergei? Come in, sorry for the view, I waited, I confess a little different.
The wife smiled and entered.
I followed in the apartment, in comparison with which ours was just a burrow.
High ceilings, expensive furniture, designer finishes, dim lights.
Wife in her outfit, looked like at home here, and I felt that I was starting a complex, as I was dressed cleanly, but poorly.
The owner invited us to sit on the chair, and he went to pour something to drink, as he put it.
The owner appeared with a tray from the kitchen and, after a minute of confusion, introduced.
– Get acquainted, this is my eldest son Misha, he was unwell and therefore did not go with the rest to St. Petersburg to the festival.

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meet me, this is my partner Sergey, and this is his wife Lena.
Misha, muttered something and left through the door, which went into the interior of the apartment.
Lena and I looked after him, and then at the owner.
He shrugged.
-I picked up a sore throat, in the middle of summer, somewhere. Nude webcam hack.

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