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Obviously, he wanted to present this trip as a gift, so that later I could control me.
But so.
way you can not buy me.
Misha resigned.
And Sveta and Denis, had known each other for only a couple of months, and they had a relationship in full swing.

Although Sveta has not yet decided whether she likes Denis or not (on this basis, they had very sharp drops in communication: from curses to passion).
But, at least, they felt passion, which between me and Mishka was no longer there.
And so, on the train, I suddenly felt myself sexually attractive.
This sultry beauty! They admired me, they wanted me, but the feeling that you are able to like and drive men crazy is very important for any girl.
And the chatter with Mishka from this began to get exactly the kind that was needed: light, fun, laid-back, with flirting.
I even felt attracted to my boyfriend and was not against it, when he sometimes pressed me to himself gently.
Very often we went to a smoking room, and there Angelica approached us – the same one – number 2 in the rating of Faat, and asked for a cigarette.

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Only in secret, so that the parents did not detect.
Having smoked, she put the gum in her mouth.
Then we often secretly smoked together.
Angelica was surprisingly adult in communication, although she turned out to be really only 16 years old.
We became friends.
We also met a tall young black-eyed handsome man named Vitalik.
But he, apparently, had begun to attach to the bottle in the morning, so it was not interesting to talk to him.
But with Faith, on the contrary, it was very fun.
He often stood with us in the vestibule.
Something freezes.
He turned out to be a completely simple guy.
It happened at night.
When everyone had gone to bed, our four still stuck in the vestibule for a long time, then we stood near the conductor’s cabin, near the open window, drank beer, tried not to make noise (Faat now and then joined us, then ran away on business).
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