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But Tanya apparently wanted to “decorate” me and instead of biting off the half, she suddenly clenched her teeth, not letting the berry in her mouth, shook her head from side to side and crushed the strawberries over our faces with her, adding to this also cream which was in the form of roses on her cheeks.
Under the general friendly laughter, I, no longer afraid to get dirty, began to kiss Tanya with an even greater heat, with my nose, tongue and chin, pushing the creamy heaps like an icebreaker.
I caressed, starting with

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the nipples, both hemispheres of beautiful Tanya’s breast, clambered into the navel dimple, finding a nut of hazelnuts there, and finally spreading the legs, fell to the pubis covered with a cap of whipped cream.
How much could swallow, pushing the rest, I gradually made my way to the cherished hole, which had long been languishing while waiting for affection, which I was convinced of as soon as I finished with the main mass of the cream.
Then I began to diligently lick the external genital sponges and, as they opened up from the growing excitement, gradually penetrated to the inner tender petals, literally expiring juice, even sweeter than all the cream eaten.

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Having ceased to realize for a moment what was happening around, I did not immediately feel the touch of someone’s fingers on my penis.
It turns out our merry company stopped the noisy fun, fascinated by watching us.
Julia stood with her back pressed to her Cyril, her head on his shoulder and putting her hand back, caressing his penis.
Cyril, hugging her friend, with one hand caressed her chest, and the second stroked her thigh.
On the other side of the table, also without looking up from what is happening, Victor clenched his penis in a fist.
And our young fellow, sitting at my feet, was caressing my longing cock.
When I pulled away from Tanya’s pussy’s caresses and straightened up, my daughter made several more hand movements over the entire length of the penis, and, being convinced of his sufficient hardness, said: – And now papulechka will treat us to dessert.
With these words, she covered my dick with whipped cream from a can and, letting go, unequivocally pointed out Tanya’s weary slit.
I brought the head even more increased from the abundance of cream to Tanya’s crotch and wanted to press hard, but from a sufficiently strong arousal of my beloved and additional lubricant in the form of cream, the penis easily penetrated inside, carrying a part of the cream pubic
Then I wrapped my arms around my hips in different directions. I started measured movements, each time feeling more and more powerful waves of passion and adoration for each other covering us.
I already felt the imminent approach of the final, but it was not there. My nude cams.

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