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For some time, Anya was in a stupor.
Did she not know whether to tell him the truth that she was from another world or to lie? Believe the truth? But he immediately see through a lie, just catching it on not knowing the world around it.
Under his gaze did not want to lie, I wanted to obey him so that he would protect and protect.
The skin went goosebumps.
Taking herself in hand, Nastya told him that she was born in another world, after death she was already in it.
He listened carefully and invited to the fire.
Anya timidly approached, covering her vagina with her palm, and her hand over her chest.
He, with a very serious air, offered a hand so that she sat down leaning on him.
Slowly, Nastya accepted his offer.
The fur on his leg was pleasant to the touch, and his muscles were stiff.
She sat in a lotus position (practiced yoga), not because of convenience, but to make an impression.
Stretched her arms to the fire.
The Wolfman threw wood and brushwood, after which he sat with his back to Nastya and his face in a dark forest.
The rain poured down in buckets, but the thick crowns of tall trees let only the spray of water to the ground, evaporated from the heat of the fire not reaching its skin.
The stormy wind bent the trees.
Lightning flashed.
A second later, deafening thunder rumbled.
Nastya flinched strongly, but did not cry out.
After a short silence she asked: What is your name? – he started and looked over his shoulder, said: There is no habit among the people to ask for the names of ashhulay.

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I’m from another world! There are no nations at all except people! And we consider it impolite not to ask for names.
those who have helped.
So, what’s your name? And who are these.
Sorry, did not remember.
– Wolfman turned and stared with his piercing eyes.

She warmed between her legs.
“What do I want this animal !?” – a thought flashed through the girl’s head.
She was confused.
After a moment, he said:
Ashhulay means enslaved by the empire.
Human empire.
– slowly turned back and added, looking at the wall of trees, – My name is Act.
Hi, and my Nastya! – he did not answer, only nodded his head.
Nastya did not spread about enslavement.
She asked with hopelessness in her voice: “Is there no clothes or no bed?” Having received a negative answer, she took a deep breath.
It was uncomfortable, the face was warmed by the flame, and the wind was chilling by the back, fine rubbish unpleasantly pricked.
Having sat like this for about an hour, Nastya was tired and lay down near the fire, curled up with shrimp.
I closed my eyes and wished good

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night to Atka.
He thanked and wished the same.
Nastya was shivering from the cold, twisting and turning this way and that, for about an hour and a half, until, hugging her from behind, she sat down on Atku.
Nastya twitched, but he explained: “It will be so warm.” Reassured, she finally dozed off in the ring of his hands.
His fur pleasantly caressed his skin.
Surprisingly, it smelled of something like moss, wool and something else bestial, elusive, from which he wanted him to press even more strongly to his chest.
Nastya woke up at night, feeling the Atle’s hand in a dream lay on her chest.
The fire burned out, only smoldering coals, unfortunately, the storm continued to run amok, the wind still bent the tops of the trees, but not so much as at the beginning.
The water dust settled on her, giving rise to flocks of running goosebumps.
Nastya wanted to gently remove his hand from her chest, but realized that he was not sleeping: she was breathing heavily and fidgeting with her legs. Livejasmin credits gratis hack generator tool.

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