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And in the next “work day”, another client came in with a rather unusual request.
I would like to see how the “new ones” are coached, said the man.
Yes, of course, at the moment a blowjob session.
Will it work ?, asked the girl in the hall.
Yes, it is quite.
Participation ?, the man asked.
For additional payment, – the girl answered.
Go, – said the man and, taking the card, paid.
Then he was taken to a separate room.
The decor was quite simple: beige wallpaper, parquet, a pair of sofas.
In the middle of the hall was a “coach.”
It was a guy, about 25 years old.
Average vkachennosti (not snot

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, but not a lump).
In front of him sat in a row of 5 girls.
All had neat tails.
The girls smelled good, the skin was smooth.
Were dressed, surprisingly, in ordinary T-shirts and shorts.
Hello, do you have an order ?, asked the coach.
Yes, I would like to take a closer look at the training of whores, – the man calmly answered.
And so the girls took the phalluses in their hands and slowly put them in their mouth !, the trainer commanded.
The girls dutifully executed the team.
The man sat on the sofa and began to watch.
I said quietly! ”The trainer barked, and slapped one of the whores.
She instantly corrected.
The man got up and walked over to one of the girls.
With a strong hand, he grabbed her hair and pulled her to the sofa.

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She dutifully dragged after him.
Work! ”- the man said in an orderly tone.
The girl smiled and pulled off his pants, and then the man’s underpants took his cock in her mouth.
The girl tried very hard, worked her tongue, throat, hands.
Swallowed and licked the eggs of a man.
The man is pretty puffed sitting on the couch.
After he threw the girl away and ordered to open his mouth.
She obeyed.
So, lick, move the tongue! Well alive!, – the trainer commanded the rest of the girls.
The man finished on the face of the girl, slightly hitting in the mouth.
The man got up, buttoned up his pants.
Thank you for the nice sight, – the man thanked and left the room.
Contact !, the coach answered with a smile.
I am a major entrepreneur.
The company is serious – big money, important people, a beautiful big office.
Well, for all this, of course, you need an excellent secretary, because the client first sees her and the company begins to evaluate it.
And I found such a secretary.
She, of course, did an excellent job – an excellent stenographer, typist, she gets along well with people.
At the same time she has an amazing figure, long golden hair – clients could not help but pay attention to her.
But the fact that she, as a first-class secretary, distinguished from the others just great, is what a first-class blowjob did.
In terms of sucking work, she was not equal.
It seemed to me that even the impotent would finish with her in a minute.
And the most important thing is that she sucked off not only me, her immediate superior, but also all the business partners of our company.
A feature of her blow job was that whatever the long term at the client, she could shove it in her mouth to the very base, so that her nose rested in the pubis.
But do not think that she possessed only an excellent mouth, she still had two magnificent dense holes, but I will tell about this later, but for now I will describe in more detail how she worked. Live sex naked girls.

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