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She pushed us apart and inserted it into Sasha’s pussy.
With her she did not stand on ceremony, as with me, drove as deeply as possible.
Sasha’s legs were twitching from her movements, and it was the last thing to continue to caress, unless, of course, you want to knock out your teeth.
Dima began to play the language with Sasha, but I joined up with Zhenya from behind, entering the beat with her movements.
I have not recovered from an orgasm yet, so I began to massage her soft breasts, caressing the tongue of her ears.
For a while the brunette continued to watch her girlfriend fuck, but then she turned to me and began to furiously suck with me.
We changed positions several times: My wife wanted to fuck Sasha and a dog, and so that she jumped on a strap-on, Dima and I rushed around these gurias, enhancing their enjoyment of each other.
At the end of the girl was tired, Zhenya pulled out the day from Sasha’s broken-down hole, and her friends disappeared into the bath.
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Dima was already standing, he clearly wanted to continue and looked at the girls who were hiding in incomprehensible ways.
I woke up when he poked a member in my mouth.
I sat down in front of him and opened his lips, Dima put his cock in me, grabbed his head with his hands and started fucking me.
I do not know what pleasure he got from this, I really couldn’t even caress his tongue.
Although, perhaps, in this way, he simply maintained an erection before the arrival of one of the girls, without risking cumming.
Dima has already managed to fairly process my mouth when Sasha came in and said that Zhenya wants me to join her.
I let the penis out of my mouth, the girl took my place, but I went to the bath.
Eugene, it seems, was going to punish me severely for what I finished at the wrong time.
She sat in a large bath filled with water, told me to sit across from her.

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At first she demanded that I lick her legs.
For me, Wife was only a pleasure for me – I liked this girl very much.
She then let me caress her, then brazenly shoved the legs into my mouth.
Then she demanded to lick her ass again.
I continued to sit in my place, and Zhenya got more comfortable in front of my face.
Her position was amazing, her buttocks were completely moved apart, and I had nowhere to go except to lick the waiting ring of the anus.
It was a bit of a strayer, the girls seem to have a lot of fun without us.
I decided that the ass in the bathroom was clean enough, so I not only licked around the hole, but also penetrated into Eugene, judging by the moans, she liked it.
Finally, she decided that was enough for me.
I took out a condom, I sat on the edge of the bath, she pulled a rubber band on my penis and sat down on top.
For all the time we fucked, she did not break our kiss.
Because of her insistence, I risked moving back to the bathroom.
Sasha came to us, but Zhenya asked her not to interfere.
When I was ready to finish, Zhenya got off me, pulled off a condom and swallowed a member, allowing me to cum in her mouth.
I was even a little hurt

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that I poured all the supplies on my stomach then, now I would fill my entire mouth with sperm.
But she seemed pleased, swallowed everything that I released into her and left the bathroom.
Sasha and Dima were resting in the room.
The guy said that it would not be bad to have a bite to eat (we were already fucking a decent time), and in the fridge it was almost empty.
We decided to throw off a little and send the girls for groceries, they themselves volunteered.
When the girls left, Dima gathered in the shower, called me with him.
I understood what it meant, but I still had nothing to do.
While he was washing, I was able, finally, to suck him normally, without his adorable sex in the mouth.
I licked the head, sucked it, bit it slightly, sank down the trunk to the testicles, came back again, swallowed its cock, then started to suck it frantically.
Dima suggested I have sex in the bathroom, I was not against it.
He sent the shower a little to the side, so as not to disturb us, I settled on the opposite end.
My ass has not yet moved away from Eugene’s strap-on and took Dima’s cock with constant pain from every movement.
I liked it, pictures from porn films appeared before my eyes, the blissful faces of girls when they tore at their butts.
The members were huge, and they asked for more and more.
I was in the same position, so I asked Dima the same.
He pounded his cock to the very depth, moving faster and faster, his ass was burning, and I was euphoric.
Sasha glanced over to us: “Oh, you are fucking again? Lesbian latin amateur watch webcam.

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