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Indeed, after a couple of seconds, urine flowed out of the catheter into a bowl in which the end of the hose was lowered.
This process lasted for about half a minute, then interrupted.
“Why didn’t you pee when you went to the doctor?”, The nurse wondered, looking at a rather large amount of the girl’s urine that had passed.
“I didn’t know that it was necessary!” Sandra replied, blushing.
“Well, in the future you will know! And how did the cocoa poke today?”

“Yes, in the morning.
“said the schoolgirl and blushed even more.
“Okay, we’ll check it later,” grumbled the doctor.
He opened the small labia of the patient and began to consider the entrance to the vagina, as well as the hymen.
Then he touched the clitoris with the index finger of his right hand.
Sandra twitched, cramped.
“Fine,” said the doctor, “this is how any girl should react when she is touched!”
“So you say that menstruation has recently begun?”, He suddenly asked the patient.
The girl nodded her head.
“Do you know how to use pads?” “I can,” Sandra replied.
“Okay, use them.

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Tampons you still can not enter any, the hole in the hymen is too small. ”
The girl nodded her head again.
“Well, now there will be something not very pleasant,” said the doctor.
He plentifully spread Vaseline on the index finger of his right hand and put it on the anus of a schoolgirl.
“Tighten, madmasel!”, He ordered.
“What should I do?”, Sandra did not understand with a fright.
“Push, squeeze out kaku!”, The nurse intervened, carefully watching the examination of the girl.
“Oh yes!”, The latter smiled guiltily and squeezed the muscles of the anus.
“Prrruk!” – gases came out of the girl’s intestines.
“Oh, doctor, this is my accident!”.
Sandra began to make excuses.
“Nothing, this is all normal!”, The doctor replied and inserted his finger into the asshole of the girl.
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