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The reasons were very different, but neither he nor she said a word about what happened at his home.
Before dialing it, Viktor Evgenich thought every time – “what if she is busy? What if I call her too often?
No, I will wait for a pause and call back later “- and every time either I didn’t have enough patience, and he clutched at any occasion sewn with white thread, or Karina herself called him and said -” Victor Evgenich, sorry, I probably already completely got you .
““ No, no, well, what are you saying, ”he answered, and they talked about something for five or seven minutes.
Then everything repeated from the beginning, and Victor Evgenich thought – “how long he doesn’t call! offended? tired? and why should I call her all the time? let her call! I can not be so stubborn !.

“- and again, again, dialed her again, or ran to the phone, rejoicing, like a child, if it was her, and cursing, if someone else called.
“But you were not enough,” he was angry when some innocent friend, colleague or relative called him.

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He madly wanted to see her, but he did not dare to organize the shooter (dimly guessing that she did not decide the same way) and considered the hours until the next lesson.
The long-awaited classes were painfully and absurdly.
Karina came in the same cherry dress, made up brighter than usual, but Viktor Yevgenich didn’t have enough strength to say something to her about it, and he developed the integrative tendencies in modern society, advised, persuaded and taught, and still could not get out from this tone, and he bit his lips, feeling how the distance between him and this busty beauty grows, with which he tumbled in bed two days ago, and now she, dazzling and inaccessible, looks at him with bewilderment, and all because his damn helplessness.
Indian couple webcam sex video.

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