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The same prominence was felt in the uniform trousers of a young soldier.
With its steel elasticity and incipient tickling, the male sexual organ persistently let the owner know about the inevitable finish.
A moment later, Olga heard the buzz of a trouser zipper.
She opened her eyes and saw a raised and strong member of her brother.
Dmitry did not have time to fully lower her silk white treasure and expose the girl’s genitals.
The soldier’s gun hose began to gush hot and spicy whitish streams directly onto her sister’s belly, flooding parts of her naked body on her way.
The lowered panties suffered the most – silk covered the protein mass with a layer worthy of the diligent confectioner decorating the cake.
But it was only the beginning! Sosnov continued to vigorously throw out the stagnant young sperm from the depths of his organ, helping himself with his hand.
Olga through the fabric felt the hot moist heat spreading through the panties.
At this time, she felt the range of feelings – indifference to the forced untidiness; wild delight from the creamy moisture flowing down the light brown thigh; the pride and unrestrained joy of the female, who sees how the male wound by her, salutes with powerful volleys of her burning seed.
In a minute it was all over.
The young man, panting, looked distractedly at his inflamed and shocked partner.
Dmitry understood that something needs to be said.
But instead, he did not hesitate, began to kiss Olga’s face and lips with kisses.
The language, which was difficult to make a few phrases after everything that happened, famously ruled in her sister’s mouth.
And soon he felt a response caress no less glib

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, girlish tongue.

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Man’s hands began to frantically frantically on all the roundness of the Olgin body, more and more often stopping at places that are, in theory, a taboo for a brother.
– Wait, Dima, – Olga interrupted this chaotic process, once again striving for a denouement.
She stepped out of the wet laundry and gazed at herself.
Fortunately, the T-shirt and the skirt were practically not affected by the dimin seed.
But the belly begged to be wiped.
The girl took a handkerchief from her purse and concentrated on cleaning the traces of unusual passion.
The panties were noticeably heavier: they were lavishly shelled with cream blots in several places.
Olga took a cellophane bag from the depths of her handbag and hid her once-clean underwear.
Lowering the hem of her skirt, she glanced at her brother, who also tidied himself up.
But his form did not suffer at all.
True, the peel of the penis was thickly tainted by the viscous substance of the sperm.
And he again began to show signs of life.
Again in the brain, Dmitry clicked the toggle switch, making the shy guy a sexual aggressor.
The soldier grabbed her sister in a tight embrace, and rushed into the attack with tongue, lips, hands, trying to please her hot process precisely in the girl’s groin, already covered with a skirt.
Olga, not having time to catch her breath, was again captured by a wave of brother’s erotic initiatives.
Taking the girl by the buttocks, he began to bring his partner closer to him, practically at the millimeter distance.
Suddenly, the soldier, clasped his hands around the waist of the girl, as if he had broken her.
Olga felt the grass softness with her knees.
The sister guessed her brother’s intention, and brought her full lips to the sharp-smelling and still-sticky sperm Dimina.
– Yes.
Olenka, yes, my little star, but my treasure is priceless, clasp it with your wonderful lips.
Warm it with your mouth breath.
Suck it up! Well!!! – cried the guy in his sweet-forbidden delirium, forcing his sister to do what he now dreamed of.
And in Olga it was from the moment of this demanding “well” that a warm feeling for a brother began to spread, turning into unnatural love.
Yes, he first started it with his insane pressure, demolishing the border “can-not.”
And he bowed the girl with a passionate and impetuous whisper, full of shameless but beautiful epithets, to demonstrate his underwear. Free online sex cam chat.

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