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And that’s all.
HE: So you are worth it! I: So what? As a rule, the neighbor, by the time we ask him to take a picture, is also worth it.
We are not asking for anyone.
HE: So he gets up on your wife !! I: Igor, you now also have my Irku, if you have not noticed yet.
So what!? Should I fight with you? Or on my wife, no one can not get up? HE: I have one thing.
I: Yes, there is no difference, Igor.
Especially when you deliberately sunbathe on a nudist beach with your wife.
Some go there to sunbathe naked, others – to look at these naked.
And everyone understands this.
Those who are not ready to understand, do not go

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And that’s all.
HE: Well, I just thought that there must be jealousy, perhaps, some kind.
I: If there was jealousy, we would not be nudists, Igor.
HE: Well, – I understood.
But with the photos I did not understand.
Are you asking you to take a picture, right? Complete strangers? I: Exactly.
– Men, as a rule.
HE: And here someone shot you too, right !? Me: Right.
What is confusing you? What is my wife holding me by the balls? HE: Well, that is what confuses me.
Doesn’t it bother you at all that a stranger looks at you, and even takes pictures when you are pawing each other !? I: We do not “paw each other”, but caress, by the way! A little bit.

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HE: But with a stranger! Me: So this is funny, my friend! Irka is holding me by the balls, and the person who is shooting us at this time, dreams of her holding him so.
– Got it? HE: No.
Not understood.
Maybe I’m stupid !? And on this photo? Me: And what bothers you about her? At first, Irka touched me, now I am her.
How else can we convey this in photos? HE: Yes, no, – only an outsider bothers me.
He sees it all.
How do you grab her boobs! And what does he think about it? Me: He thinks that he needs to be in my place.
That he himself, with pleasure, squeezed Irkin’s chest.
What else should he think? We are pleased, he too.
We still have photos for memory, he has – pleasant impressions from what he saw.
You, by the way – too.
HE: Yes, there is no talk about me! I something that !! I: Then sit, enjoy.
Here again, Silver Bor has gone.
HE: Good there with you.
Maybe pour? I: Sure.
HE: Seryoga again! – Does he live there or something, on your beach? Why is he hugging Irka !? I: Well, I wanted to hug, and hugs.
HE: And who shoots? I: I
HE: And you calmly shoot, as someone hugs your naked wife !? Me: Well, this is not “someone”, but Seryoga, by the way, is your friend too.
And I don’t see the difference whether my wife is dressed or not dressed when one of my friends hugs her.
HE: You want to say that if I, for example, climb a hug to your Irka, will you not mind? I: And when are you going to crawl to her with hugs? – Now !? HE: She is not here now, how can I get to her? Free online games of sex.

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