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The slave could not restrain from these sounds and began to sob out loud, begging to spare him and stop the punishment.
It was obvious that he was finally broken, but it was impossible not to fulfill the promise, so I silenced him with my dirty socks and proceeded to the execution.
Rhythmically striking his already begun to light up the ass, I achieved that his ass began to resemble a picture of an abstractionist from different inclination of the pink lines forming diamonds.
Sergey stopped moaning with his mouth shut and only sobbed loudly after each blow, shedding tears on the couch and straining his buttocks.
The resulting spectacle again led me to the highest stage of arousal, and without unnecessary talk I planted my heated member in his oiled anus until it stops.

From unexpectedness, the slave started, stopped sobbing, and belatedly squeezed the sphincter.
The last one was fine with me, and I methodically and with a large scale began to fuck him in a ragged ass.
Although the pain in the ass, filled with a foreign object, and pain in the buttocks, into which I periodically plowed with my torso, brought Sergey a great inconvenience, he stopped sobbing, and tears were now tears of gratitude for ending the flogging.

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He even tried podmahivat, as far as his uncomfortable position allowed.
Finally, unable to withstand such a pace and excitement, I threw out my sperm into the depths of the rectum and slowly took out my penis.
The victim’s anus did not shrink immediately, but, pulsing into heartbeats with heartbeats, slowly decreased in diameter until it shrank completely, pushing a drop of sperm out.
I tiredly plopped down on the sofa and untied the stiff brushes of the slave from the collar.
– Quickly untie the legs and lick my dick, pedrilo, otherwise it smells like your ass! – This minute, Boss! – croaked Seryozha, removing the gag from his mouth with disobedient hands.
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