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It is simply impossible.
They moved, both! The first to fall off was Zheka, Vanka, and so he lay, I had to lay me on my back, preferably, as the roof went, the house stood.
And thank God, that was.
Falling between them.
– How are you? – I do not know.
Now otlezhus.
– Are you tired?
– Fuck wait! I am happy as a hundred Indians.
If the orgy is not deposited in the memory in any way, except for complete satisfaction on the emotional and physical level, then the last two episodes are imprinted in the memory firmly.
Lying around (Vanya moved to the sofa), runs his hand on the back, I purr.
– A massage do you know how? – Massage? Easy.
Sits on top.
Kneads shoulders, lower back.
I am relaxing.
And he, the infection, inserts a member into me.
Massage, damn it! We finish both.
Out of the corner of my eye I see Vanechka ducking his cock, looking at us.
Not order.
I slip out of bed, take it in my mouth.
Here, with its size, the throat swallow is a pleasure! What is there.
Drool, snot, tears.
And he holds his hair and puts it.
Yes and.
Break out, sit down on top.
It is in love with him.
– Wait, let go, I want to finish on you.
Oh how.
Baba is near, all your holes, and you are your hands! Oh and good.
Sprawled on the couch, tummy tumbled, her chest bulged out.
On! Eat up.
The first time I saw a man jerking off.
We are not given.
We pity we affectionately.
And here.
With force, with a pressure, I thought, would tear off ,, oh.
the first drops fell on the stomach, and then a stream on the chest.
Damn, warm.
And added to the lower abdomen.
The latter, could not resist, picked up her mouth, it is a pity to disappear good.

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Licked off the head.
And she leaned back on the couch.
Smeared a hand over the stomach, between the breasts, on the breast immediately milky-white stains formed.
Who said that sperm is transparent? Fuck you! Hand licked.
Yummy! Well not in a mouth,

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and? The phones of the men for all this time almost got hot.
Well, it’s time to go home.
Gathered my toys.
Finally, I say: “That’s all my script for pussy has gone.”
– Yeah! Yes, hammer it.
After all, it was cool.
And, really, cool! In a taxi with the driver immediately established contact.
When a woman sits down next door, from which she has sex a mile away, the driver, even at the wheel, cannot control herself.
On the way, just chatting about nothing! He waited for me at the kiosk while I bought cigarettes, then drove to the porch.
I wanted to seduce him.
It was painfully open.
But after two members at the same time and in turn, the forces are gone.
I reread the text and am terrified.
I stopped writing music with words, but I learned how to write with ordinary human language! When you write in a diary, you do not think that someone will read.
Or maybe it should be? Diana Tim Taris
Sit down Lyon.
My very young wife, Masha, was from an intelligent family and received appropriate education.
That is, she was a modest and shy girl.
We lived as usual, like all ordinary families.
They were engaged in sex very simply.
I understand that my Mashutka did not get an orgasm.
Yes, and without him we lived well and calmly.
One day a relative came to the neighbors.
Such a simple and cheeky little men of forty and under two meters tall.
But the neighbors themselves were not at home, and he “asked” to us, stating – Kolka is not at home, I’ll stay with you until he arrives.
He spoke so confidently that we did not find how to refuse.
Well, where do you have a kitchen? He asked, passing into the room. Here, I answered.
It’s boring to live, even though some music was set b.
– He said conciliatory. Your little wife is good, young and slim.
– He downed to praise, sitting down on a stool and taking from his bag a bottle of vodka, lard, hard boiled eggs and some other food.
Sit down with me for the company, and call your wife too.
Lonely without a female.
I was on a business trip for a long time. Feet live sex.

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