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Silence reigned in the house, occasionally interrupted by knocking the knife on a cutting board.
I, purring the melody, put the sliced ??into a bowl, when suddenly I felt the touch of the fingers on the waist.
The touches were timid barely noticeable, but the timidity quickly passed and the fingers slid down, touching the riveting on the back pockets of the jeans.
I didn’t know what to do, I would never have coped with such a healthy boar, and after the nightly adventures I had no strength, even to scream.
That’s really fingers joined forces and began to gently pinch the buttock.
There was a cold sweat on my forehead, I closed my eyes, trying to resist myself.
But then the mobile phone rang at the father-in-law, he snorted violently and removed his hand, answered the call.
I exhaled and taking advantage of the pause, slipped onto the sofa, where, wrapped in a blanket, I decided to pretend to be asleep.
How could this help me? Nothing, it was not a strategic move, but rather an act of despair.
Nikodimych, obviously dissatisfied with the call, answered all the caller’s questions: “Yes, yes, okay, yep.”
Having finished the conversation, Oleg, stamping his scissors, began to draw closer to me.
I, by no means shivering from the cold, lurked, waiting for my fate.
He sat down and snapped his wallet shutter, and without counting, he pulled out two dozen notes.
– (ruffling rudely on the shoulder) Anya, Anya – Yes, uncle.
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Anticipating pleasure, Nikolai drank beer in a cozy eatery.
He was not a drunkard, much less an alcoholic, but he loved beer.
And today there was a reason – his wife, Marinka, and an excellent wife, who, despite almost ten years from the date of their wedding, Nikolai loved with all her heart, left with her beloved son for her mother, in Sosnovo.

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It was Friday, it was planned to have two days off completely free of family duties, and he prepared for them thoroughly – in a plastic bag, which stood near his feet, there were five bottles of beer, in the video rental were taken two tapes with some militants of imported poshiba.
Anticipating a great evening, Nikolai blissfully drank, eating amber liquid with salty crackers.
Having finished his beer, he went outside.
The weather was purely Leningrad for this time of the year – minus two, there is no snow, and a piercing wind is blowing.
Is on the street was a burden.
It was not far from the house to go, and he, hiding from the wind, was already at home in a hot apartment.
He jumped into his porch, called the elevator and got up, listening.
– From the sky, probably coming – he thought with impatience.
Finally, the elevator doors opened, Nikolai entered the cabin and pressed the button of his floor.
At this time, the front door creaked and a neighbor entered.
Where she lives, he did not know, just saw her a couple of times a week – inconspicuously dressed, wearing glasses, greeting a faint nod of her head and fiery red.
Because of the color of her hair, he, in fact, remembered it.
Having braked the door with the toe of the boot, he waited until she entered, although, frankly speaking, he did not like fellow travelers in the elevator.
– to you on what? – trying to hide displeasure, asked Nikolay.
– On the seventh – she replied.
Nikolai lived on the tenth.
And then there was a nuisance.
Turning around, he was already reaching for the elevator panel to press the button on the floor, but the neighbor, entering the cabin, turned his back on him.
And everything would be fine, but the moments of their rotation turned out to be opposite, and the packets they were holding in their hands met with a suspiciously loud, beating sound.
– Eo-op! – only Nikolay managed to say, at the time when beer was dripping from his bag.
A large fragment broke through the cellophane, and the hole quickly crawled.
He did not have

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time to pick up the bag and in a second he barely managed to jump to the edge of the cabin, trying to avoid splashing.
Neighbor confusedly stared at the spreading puddle, then looked into her bag.
Nikolai also squinted there glance.
There, on its side lay a three-liter jar with pickles.
She put her tin lid on his beer.
Picking up the remnants of his pack, Nikolai looked there.
Of his five bottles, only two are left.
– How am I this way! – Said the neighbor with chagrin.
– It’s okay – said Nikolai – that’s just a puddle. Family online sex video.

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