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And I also loved when I jerked off his tits dick and sucked on the head.
I had to swallow everything.
And sometimes he pinched me in a corner right in the same canopy, fucked in the mouth, obchinad all face and boobs and expelled.
I became his bucket, where he poured the sperm.
I became addicted to him, from his dick, because I ended up with him like never before, and then I often wanted to write.

I was all the same, that he was rude to me, that he was hurting me with his paws, dragging his hair during fucking, that he was a mother and he treated me like a slut.
My pussy became a huge hole, and my ass, thighs and tits became bruised.
In order to somehow justify it, I fucked my husband as often as I could, asked him to slap me, crush boobs, pull my hair.
My life turned into rough sex.
With my husband, to hide treason, and with my uncle, to end as a mare and what he would end up as a stallion.
They just say that the old horse will not spoil the furrow.
Once I asked whose combination this was, in which he loved to tear me, he said that it was my mom:

The story is based on real events.

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Or rather, on real characters, the events are just as invented by me.
Although if we take into account far from standard relations in this family, about which there will be a story, and with the permission of which I wrote it, then everything stated in some places may turn out to be, if not true, then quite real and feasible fantasy.
In general, the fault is a beautiful woman named Svetlana, with whom I met during correspondence, and who pushed me to write about her family, her husband Zhenya and daughter Dasha, with whom she often finds herself in the whirl of passions of group sex with other men.
Skipping the background of how Dasha lost her virginity at 13 years old (this may be another time), you can start with the fact that her parents were great lovers to invite and arrange meetings with several men at home.
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