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Proud to be decided.
What made it.
What felt this pleasure.
I could not, should not have denied myself the pleasure of kissing this so perfect body just because it is the body of a man.
I could not reject the pleasure of taking Serezha’s dick in my mouth, just because I, like, can’t take dick in my mouth.
The mouth was filled with a large and solid cylinder.
Under pressure from my lips, the peel slipped off my head.
My tongue felt firm, firm flesh, hot, forcing him to open his mouth wider, pressing on the palate and tongue.
A couple of times I got too carried away, and the head went pretty far.
I choked, but surprisingly it had no effect on the pleasure I received.
My tongue again and again slid from the very base of the penis through the scrotum to the very head.
My mouth each time let the hard rod in.
I gave myself up to my sensations, feeling a hot, hard rod on my lips, now on my tongue.
A chin now and then touched the scrotum.
And the nose now and then
With trembling hands, I pulled off my sweater, remaining in a T-shirt, which absolutely did not hide the elastic breasts that would make any girl read.
Removed clothes went to the windowsill.
Soon the pants went there.
– Fuck, well, just chick, – it seemed to me that the T-shirt and panties are now fuming, burned with three looks.
Rustam crossed his arms over his chest, Grisha and Sema no longer restraining stroked his groin.
For a second, it became interesting to me, what excites them more, the sight of my naked body or the feeling of power over a defenseless victim, doomed to be humiliated for their pleasure? – Come on! I took off my T-shirt, and under a friendly sigh, I bent down taking off my panties and trying to cover my chest for even a second from greedy looks.
Another minute – and all my clothes are piled on my briefcase.

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I stand right in front of the three men, covering my chest with my hands.
My little limp segment, a pitiful reminder of my masculinity, became cold from the cold, even smaller and less noticeable.
Tears flow from my eyes, with a silent prayer for mercy, I look at my tormentors.
– Can I get dressed now? – Nah, – this is Grisha, – What the fuck you get dressed.
I am dragged from these boobs! I did not even see them in porn.
He approaches me, slowly and confidently.
-Raw lowered.
My hands fall limply, and other people’s palms fall on my chest, begin to crush them.
At first, gently, almost caressing, but gradually getting coarser and more demanding.
On the bossy.

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pain and fear, I begin to publish something between a moan and a whimper.
“Ah, shit,” he presses me against the wall, in my eyes — not a glint of mind, just lust.
Continuing to knead my breasts, he begins to rub his groin against me, – I am dragged from these boobs and these moans! I fuck you between them! “To stand,” there were so many in Ruslan’s voice that he was beating even into the fogged brain of his friend, “Nuka, back off.”
For a second it seems to me that Grisha is now bellowing something obscene in response, but no, he is moving away, and finally he squeezed my nipples especially hard and caused another painful cry.
Now Ruslan is in front of me.
His hands, too, squeeze the breasts a couple of times, but, without stopping, go down, and begin to knead the buttocks.
– Yes, milking cool.
And the ass is nothing like working.
And so what sponges.
– one hand rises to my face and starts stroking my lips, – My mouth slightly open.
His voice, although it sounds calmer than that of Grisha, completely discourages any will to resist.
My mouth opens slightly, it seems, by itself, and a pair of solid like steel bars of fingers immediately penetrates there.
“We’ll try it now, we’re testing it,” now both hands are on my shoulders and are being pressed with the force of a hydraulic press, forcing me to kneel down, right on the cold tile floor.
right before my eyes is Ruslana.
Sweatpants not only do not hide the enormous mound of the rising member, but it seems that they only emphasize it.
– Come on, work on your mouth.
Horror swept over me with a new force.
“Suck a dick? Become a waffler? A pommel? A limb?” Dozens of scornful nicknames swept through my head.
“No! It is not with me! Why am I doing this ?! Really, so little has fallen to me so much.”
In desperation, I closed my eyes, calling for help children’s faith that I should open my eyes, and this whole nightmare will disappear, I will wake up. Cheating sex online.

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