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And suddenly the music stopped.
She herself raised her hand and asked the musicians to shut up.
After that she went to Hunter and looked into his eyes.
Hand she sharply tilted his head and kissed.
The hunter was ready to swear that this is the best kiss in his life.
The excitement reached such a strength that he was about to discharge himself, but this did not happen.
The most strange thing that he suddenly felt was that the men around him had finished.
Almost all at the same time.
“She let them go,” he realized.
“Now her goal is only me – the rest she does not need today.”
– Come with me, handsome.
I have not had such a man for many months.
The hunter tried to maintain composure.
The red-haired woman took him by the hand and led him along, somewhere to the backyard of the tavern, and then to the barn where several horses stood.
She pushed him on a stack of sega, untied the ribbons on his pants and stuck his burning member into freedom, and then quickly leaned over and took it in her mouth.
Loaded completely, to the very throat, and her protruding tongue while licking his testicles.
She made several forward movements, and then said.
– I will not let you finish so quickly – I want you all! This night will be the best in your whole life! Remember my name – Ney.
This was his last chance.

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The moment when he could still keep his composure.
Just a little bit and everything will be lost.
The hunter rose abruptly, grabbed Nea, turned her back towards him and set her up with cancer.
Under his hem, he thought, there was no underwear.
He abruptly thrust his dick into her and began to make sharp, even rough movements.
Each one was accompanied by a loud slap of his body on the girl’s snow-white buttocks.
Her skin was as soft as silk.
And sex could not be compared with sex with any other woman.
It seems that as soon as he put it on his dick, he was experiencing a new orgasm.
The hunter fucked with frenzy and soon Ney began to moan.
At first quietly, and then louder.
He put it on his stake with gigantic speed.
And when he was ready to finish he stuck out his penis and threw him into the point of a red-haired man, continuing to fuck her.
At the moment of bliss, in these short seconds, he grabbed the girl by the hair, which made her moan again.
But it was not a groan of pain, but a groan of bliss.
He finished a long time, pouring his seed into it.
That was his salvation.
If he did not take the initiative into his own hands, he would no longer be able to resist the girl.
Do not cum in her ass, she would have absorbed all his male power.
Now she was in his power.
She spent a lot of energy seducing a large number of men, more energy

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spent on sex, but never received the desired reward – his seed.
The hunter threw her into the hay.
Ney was powerless.
“Nymph, you almost killed me, like dozens of men in this village already.”
She looked at him stunned.
– So you.
You knew.
Why did you follow me? – I’m a hunter.
I was hired by the royal huntsman, who was instructed to deal with the disappearance of people in this area.
I immediately thought something was wrong when I learned that all the missing were men, and they also spent days and nights in the tavern. Bongacams token hack without survey.

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