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He filmed this whole process with a video camera, which was fixed on a tripod.
Then he inserted a cork with a pear into my anus and began to pump me up.
At first it was fun, but he shook and shook it until she began to swell in me, stretching my ass from the inside.
It began to seem to me that I would explode from inhuman tension and hellish pain, begging in tears to stop this torture.
Then he sat me down on a chair and asked her husband’s email address.
I was pulled to such an extent that it was terribly painful to sit, I begged him to remove the cork from me, but he said: “It all depends on your disobedient hubby, who substituted you so vile.
The faster he comes, the faster I will loose your ass.
I threw a video to him in the mail with what was here with you, and offered to come to save my wife from torment.
– Can I call him? – Call, but speak shortly! The more he loves you, the sooner he comes.
I called him, saying: – Victor, save me, I got because of you, come quickly, otherwise I will burst from traffic jams! – Say that I will be in 10 minutes, as I drive by.
The chef said with a satisfied expression: – Is it really necessary to talk to people from a position of strength? And you endure, you need to get used to the pain, as your further work is connected with pain and humiliation.
If you are obedient, the pain will not be very strong, and you will soon not be able to live without the sensation of pain.
But this is the case if your husband will also behave sensibly and not show off, otherwise the pain will be unbearable, even stronger than now.

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And I was so scared by the voice of my wife, that having forgotten about caution, I went even earlier to the office of your boss.
Seeing you in this form, I was speechless, but when I recovered myself, I wanted to yell and even beat your arrogant boss, thinking that it was not difficult, as he did not leave the impression of an athlete, although he didn’t look like an athlete, but quickly after weighing all the pros and cons, I decided to first listen to him.
He said with a satisfied mug: – Your wife fell into this position because of your stupidity and arrogance.
Don’t you understand that you don’t need to joke with me? So, this girl is de jure your wife, and de facto my whore and property.
You can call it what you want: slave, concubine, etc.
the meaning is the same.
But I’m not so nitsy to use it for free, blackmailing both of you with videos and photos, of which I, naturally, will use and start to make you obedient, like lambs, but this is only when you disobey my orders.
And so that you do not feel below the baseboard, and were grateful to me as your master, I decided to pay your devotion to me and unquestioning obedience very generously.
Your Nastya already receives a lot of money, and you will work in your place and receive monthly compensation from me as the husband of my whore, and at my first request I will have to go to where I will say and why I will say.
Do not worry, no one will fuck you, sometimes you will serve me and my guests as a waiter at various meetings, corporate events, etc.
and also assist in the performance of other simple works.
At this time, you will have the opportunity, as different people use it, and in no case intervene, otherwise you will be excommunicated from

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sex with your wife for a year.
If you behave well, you will be engaged in sex with it only once a month, and if you are a good girl, then as a bonus you will be entitled to bonding one more time, this is the maximum.
So that you are not infringed, you can fuck any of my five slaves, dressed like my new slave, but no more than once a day.
Once a month, you can pick up any of them at night, but after agreeing with me, as the work schedule is very tight.
They are all married sluts, so their husbands have the same rights as you, t. Best free naked cams.

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