Anisyia livejasmin.

Anisyia livejasmin.
On the guy, as I remember, there were swimming trunks, quite stylish, in addition, more socks and T-shirt.
The hairstyle is fashionable, with highlights, in general, a star boy.
Nothing, you and I are all the same here.
– Undress, say, I’ll measure it for now.
Reluctantly, he takes off his shirt and socks and puts it on a chair.
I notice, the guy has grown up, the muscles podnakachal, apparently, is engaged in sports.
Then the surgeon returned, went to the table.
Cyril to the weights.
But here I am, – Stop, I say, we remove the pants too.
He is why? – It is, – I answer.
He shuffles, then at me, then at the surgeon looks.
He nods, all right, let’s take it off.
Kirill him: – And can she come out, I do not want to undress with the girl.
Here I meet: – and who will work for me? Andrei Ivanovich, already irritated, – What a girl it is to you, this is a medic, come on quickly! – I still will not.
And I see that Andrei Ivanovich is angry, decided to further exacerbate the situation, with his finger hooked on the gum of his underpants and pulled down.
The guy with one hand grabbed his underpants, and the other slapped me on the palm of my hand.
Here Andrei Ivanovich has already shouted: – How are you behaving? Do I need to take off your underwear, or call the military commissar? In short, he sees nowhere to go, takes off his underwear.
I looked – there was something to hide, the scrotum is already decently developed, hanging out, but pisyun, otherwise not to call it, short, not in height.
I grinned slightly and pushed him towards the scales. Anisyia livejasmin.

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