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She resisted and passed cock in her mouth.
I slowly and smoothly began to fuck her in the mouth, trying not to take out the penis.
The polite was clearly superior to her friend’s technique and sold out in earnest.
She did not swallow beer, caressed her tongue, and with her free hand stroked my ass and back.
Occasionally she swallowed the beer and, taking a sip of a new batch, continued.

This is a thrill! I enjoyed the new sensations.
The picture was spoiled only by the Grumpy woman, who was recovering noisily nearby.
She drank too much and now nature took hers.
Moving a little away from the box, towards us, she gave in to gravity and with an indistinct exclamation fell under the shade of acacia and subsided.
It suited me personally.
I just enjoyed the process.
It was very beautiful around.
Darkness hid the shortcomings of the “landscape” and the moon of silver poplar, hiding the first floors of the high-rise building on the right and overgrown with acacia and jasmine around.
Squinted eyes to the left.

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I saw a watchdog sitting near and quietly watching the scene.
I think he was jealous of me and was happy for the owner.
All good things must end.
It’s time for me to fly to the stars.
Feeling that I was finishing, Polite beer swallowed, breathed in my nose, and gently let my cock down my throat! A few jolts and I finished.
She did not rush, and for a while she continued to caress me after that.
Finally, I slowly took out the member, she kissed him and, finally, I shoved him into jeans.
I think she liked it too.
I didn’t want to remember the second one, even though she took part.
Then everything was simple.
I took the watchdog in tow, and we went home to sleep.
Little by little.

as celebrated my birthday! The names are all changed, otherwise I tried not to add anything from myself!
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